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Experience Latin with Fr. Reginald Foster

thelatinlanguage.org - Website of Fr. Foster

Want to study Latin with the famous Fr. Reginald Foster? Now you can!

After taking Latin from Fr. Reginald "Reggie" Foster - known as the "Pope's Latinist" - I tried to capture some of his "Experience" for learning Latin. Please note: While Fr. Foster is aware of this website he is not responsible and it is entirely unauthorized. (See his quote to the right.)

Please note: I am not Fr. Foster. Go here for more info.

Instructions: With just a little memorization, Fr. Foster teaches you Latin from the dictionary. So find a good Latin dictionary, and you are ready to learn.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can view all the lessons and homeworks as standalone files PDF files.
Download the First Experience PDF as a PDF file
Download the Third Experience PDF as a PDF file

Place this Latin Main Page PDF in the same directory as the other 2 PDFs, and you will have a stand-alone Latin Course!
Or download all 3 in a compressed file: Latin with Foster ZIP

Who am I?

I am Catholic priest who was a student of Fr. Foster for two years.
Learn about my interest in the Latin Novus Ordo Mass.
Visit the rest of my site.

Salve optime Fosteri!

"Now look here friend. That website of yours is entirely unauthorized. People think I have something to do with it and they're wrong. I don't even use a computer. And if they think I'm going to correct those homeworks... isti errant."
- Fr. Reggie Foster

Why is there no Second Experience? Second experience is "Conversational Latin", and thus can't be captured like Fr. Foster's other classes.

Where are the answers? The answers to the homeworks used to not be posted online, as one must do all the homeworks in their entirety in order to learn.
First Experience Third Experience

Pictures of our Latin class trip to Formia
Home of Cicero, "Father of Latinity"


ATM machine inside the Vatican bank:
The world's only bank machine in Latin.

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