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Compiled by Fr. Gary Coulter

Please feel free to submit updates and corrections. Obviously, I have focused just on resources and links about the Latin language that are in English.
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Fr. Reginald Foster

Online Latin Resources (Free)

Printed Books for Purchase

Online Latin Courses

The Latin Experience with Fr. Foster
Notes and worksheets from two years with Fr. Reginald Foster
Academia Thules
Great free courses in both written and spoken Latin (textbooks are not free).
Beginner's Latin - UK National Archives
Two whole series of brief lessons, but with a steep learning curve.
Latinum is unique, as it is an immersion course taught as a living, spoken language. Latin recordings of simple texts, vocabulary, grammatical exercises, etc.
Latinum youtube channel
Latin Study list
Mailing lists dedicated to the study of Latin, but providing regular translation exercises.
For example, Collins: A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin Study Group
Latin the Easy Way
Useful and fun, though unfinished, it's free and good to read.
Schola Latina Universalis
A free, 2 year, online course for learning Latin (the Textbook is not free).
KET Distance Learning
Not free, Latin Distance Learning (High School) courses, based on 'Ecce Romani'
R.M. Kephart
Offers web-based weekly courses for homeschoolers (also many Latin links and prayers).
Corso di Lingua Latina - in Italian
Not free: live audio/video online Ecclesiastical Latin classes using John Collins' text A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin
Carmenta - Online Latin Classroom
Also not free, but offers an interactive, online classroom.
Lily Hart, a professional Latin educator and avid classicist, offers customized, professional online Latin tutoring.
Latin Schools
FamiliƦ Sancti Hieronymi: Cenaculum Miamiense - yearly Cenaculum, a week-long immersion retreat of speaking and understanding Latin.
North American Institute for Living Latin Studies
- Latin immersion programs
The Latin Mass Society offers an annual week-long course and materials for learning the Latin of the Traditional Roman Missal
Association for Latin Teaching (ARLT)
Committee for the Promotion of Latin (Part of National Committee for Latin and Greek). See their For Educators page and Rules for Reading Latin Prose
Latin Teaching Materials at St. Louis University. Many incredible resources to explore

Latin Groups and Forums

Latin News

Online Latin Dictionaries

  • Arbuckle Latin Software Free programs much like WORDS to conjugate/decline/translate Latin.
  • Lewis and Short online
  • Latin Dictionary from Babylon - several good Latin dictionaries and software you can download
  • Glossary of non-classical Latin Words
  • Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid from Lynn Nelson
  • Perseus English to Latin
  • Lexicon recentis latinitatis - English to Latin modern terms
  • The Vatican's Lexicon of modern words from Italian to Latin
  • On-line Latin-English/English-Latin Dictionary
  • Latin-English translator

    Online Latin Grammars

    Latin Documents and Sources

    More online Latin texts and links

    Other Sites of Latin Links

    Latin Podcasts, Music, Recordings and Songs

    Computer Software

    This ends the online section - here are print resources that can be bought


    Textbooks / Grammars to help learn Latin

    Reviews / Comparisons of high school Latin textbooks

    Most advanced students will eventually want the classic Gildersleeve & Lodge (Recommended by Fr. Foster) or Allen & Greenough (see online version!) - but these are generally too advanced for beginners.

    * Lingua Latina per se illustrata: Famila Romana - Hans H. Orberg
    A multivolume series with a total immersion, Latin-only approach. The book progresses from easy to more complex Latin, and you obtain the meaning by the context and the pictures and the marginal notes. Learn to read Latin, not just translate Latin. The publisher has a number of resources and supplements.
    For self-teaching / home-schooling, get Lingua Latina: A College Companion by Jeanne Neumann, which parallels "Famila Romana" on a chapter-by-chapter basis with explanations of all the concepts, study tips, vocab lists, etc.
    * Read an article which recommends this method of learning
    Ecce Romani
    This series also uses a similar immersion approach to the Latin language. Like Lingua Latina, the stories may be more geared to students than adults and start off rather basic, but soon you will find your grammatical skills naturally growing thanks to this innovative style of learning. Teachers' Corner with many Ecce Romani materials
    Reading Latin by Peter Jones and Keith Sidwell
    An inductive text for adults (like the Cambridge Latin Course (CLC) which is aimed more for children)
    Peter Jones is also the author of the recommended book Learn Latin - one of the best quick-start introductions to Latin, including answer keys for the self-student.
    Teach Yourself Latin by Gavin Betts
    A deductive text written with the independent learner in mind. Clear and concise gives a solid foundation in classical Latin. The learning curve is a little steep for someone with little prior knowledge of grammar.
    Oxford Latin Course by Maurice Balme, James Morwood
    A three volume course that tries to keep the grammar lessons short and more time spent reading and immersed in Latin vocabulary than memorizing, designed for the self-learner or a classroom.
    Kennedy's Revised Latin Primer by Benjamin Kennedy
    A starting reference grammar, a reasonably concise work that describes the essential history, phonology, morphology, syntax and prosody of classical Latin. Not as exhaustive (or overwhelming) as works like Gildersleeve & Lodge or Allen & Greenough (online!)
    Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc.
    Has numerous Latin Books, Readers, References and Textbooks for all levels, including modern books and children's books (Dr. Seuss in Latin!), Latin Readings by Gertrude Drake, Bradley's Arnold Latin Prose Composition, and a reprint of the 1908 classic New Latin Grammar by Charles E. Bennett (see online version).
    They also publish the reference recommended by Fr. Foster to all his advanced students: Gildersleeve's Latin Grammar
    Learn to Read Latin by Keller & Russel Yale Language Series, 2004
    A large Textbook which includes many readings from original Latin texts. Together with an equally mammoth Workbook containing many grammar drills.
    Power-Glide Latin Ultimate Course
    Uses a conversational approach to Latin, with workbooks, tests, audio CDs and much more (puzzles, games, stories, music).
    This is the featured resource on

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