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2005 Archives of the Latin Lover!

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5/21/14 - Memories of the visit of Paul VI to the Holy Land
At the time of the Apostolic Visit of Paul VI to the Holy Land in January 1964 our popular 'Latin Lover' was a young seminarian studying in Rome. He shares memories of this historic moment, and translates excerpts from both the arrival and farewell addresses from English into Latin on the run.
5/16/14 - The Palatine Hill: where Rome was born
The first of Rome's hills, where ancient Romans of clout had their palaces, and everyone spoke Latin even the children.
3/30/13 - Of Paschal candles
For Easter, speaking of all things "light" with our popular 'Latin Lover'.
3/12/13 - Con clave: closed with a key
Father Reginald Foster shines the spotlight on Latin terminology relating to conclaves. Including the word conclave, language used on ballot papers and smoke signals from the Sistine Chapel!
2/22/13 - Gravisssimum Educationis
On October 28th 1965 Pope Paul VI issued a declaration of Catholic Education by the title of 'Gravisssimum Educationis'.
Father Reginald Foster believes it is a shame this document has so far largely been ignored. In a special way as the Council Fathers considered with care the role of education and how its influence ever grows in the social progress of this age. Veronica Scarisbrick quizzes Father Foster on how the ancient Romans viewed education.
1/18/13 - Pontifex breviloquens : a tweeting pope!
As Pope Benedict XVI launches his first tweets in Latin on Sunday, January 20 thousands of people will have signed up to his Twitter account: “@Pontifex_ln” . Latin, the universal language of the Catholic Church, becomes the ninth language used for the Pope's tweets.
This event provides Veronica Scarisbrick with the opportunity to put all kinds of queries relating to this venture to our popular ‘Latin Lover’, Carmelite Father Reginald Foster who describes Benedict XVI as "Pontifex breviloquens".
As Father Foster explains a Ciceronian translation of all things 'twitter' is possible. He claims in fact that he almost jumped out of his skin when he realised that in his letter to Atticus, Cicero writes: ‘Breviloquentem iam me tempus ipsum facit’.
That's why, he says, as we go out to tweet translates into : "exeamus brevilocutum", and let's tweet among ourselves: "inter nos breviloquamus".
12/21/12 - Pax Romana
Our popular 'Latin Lover' Father Foster picks up on a passage in 'Jesus of Nazareth: The infancy Narratives' in which Pope Benedict touches on the message of peace relating to the Roman Emperor Augustus.
12/14/12 - The Latin Lover: the council years
Father Reginald Foster was a seminarian studying in Rome at the time of the Second Vatican Council. In Part 1 of this new series to mark 50 years since that council began he shares memories of those days, as well as his linguistic expertise regarding the council documents. In this first programme he focuses in a special way on 'Dei Verbum'.
12/06/12 - @Pontifex: Would the Romans have tweeted?
As Father Foster explains a Ciceronian translation of all things 'twitter' is possible. He claims in fact that he almost jumped out of his skin when he realised that in his letter to Atticus Cicero writes: 'Breviloquentem iam me tempus ipsum facit'.

9/30/11 - Audite caeli quae loquor, audiat terra verba oris mei
Our Popular "Latin Lover" gets quizzed by Veronica Scarisbrick as to the command of Latin of Vatican Radio's founder Pope Pius XI.
9/16/11 - The Bach Brothers
Our popular 'Latin Lover' shares with us his taste in music and raves about the Bach brothers' education at a Lutheran school.
9/2/11 repeat of 4/27/06 - Germany and Rome's eagles
You just did not steal Roman flags, says our popular 'Latin Lover', as he piles the blame for the Roman's defeat in battle on General Quintilius Varus.
8/26/11 repeat of 3/30/07 - Sacred Music
The founder of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Pius X once wrote an Instruction on Sacred Music.
7/29/11 repeat of 1/28/11 - Roman numerals to build the Colosseum
Just think the Romans built the Colosseum in ten years on plans and blueprints with Roman numerals!
7/22/11 repeat of 7/27/07 - Emperor Tiberius
When Jesus said: "Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's," he was referring to the Emperor Tiberius.
7/15/11 repeat of 3/14/08 - All Things Carmelite
Father Reginald Foster explains all things Carmelite.
6/24/11 repeat of 4/29/06 - Fisher and More
Join our popular Latin Lover in an effort to mark the day the Church this past week, precisely on June 22nd, celebrated the Feast Day of Saints John Fisher and Thomas More.
6/17/11 - Abandoning Pius II for Jules Verne
Did you know that in 1867 Jules Verne travelled to Rome and was received in audience by Pius IX and that in 2005 the Vatican once mentioned this famous Frenchman in a letter? But could this author have written in Latin?
6/10/11 - Pugilatus certamen
In this entertaining programme our popular "Latin Lover" recounts how many years ago he took part in two Latin contests, one within Vatican walls and the other without.
5/27/11 repeat of 1/12/08 - Bede: what kind of Latinist?
Our popular 'Latin Lover' shares with us his linguistic expertise.
4/23/11 repeat of 4/6/07 - Victimae Paschali Laudes
Join our popular 'Latin Lover' as he bursts into a hymn maybe a thousand years old and puts Easter into the picture.
3/11/11 - Ad recessum ire
Spiritual exercises in the Vatican began in 1929, the year of the Lateran Pacts. Our popular 'Latin Lover' speaks to us about the Latin of the Apostolic Constitution: 'Summorum Pontificum' in which Saint Ignatius was proclaimed Patron of Spiritual Exercises. Father Foster claims his students would go crazy over the beginning of a document like this.
2/25/11 - Arch of Constantine
Learn all about this Archway with our popular "Latin Lover".
2/11/11 - Around the world in 80 years
Vatican Radio was officially inaugurated by Pope Pius XI exactly 80 years ago with a radio message spoken in Latin. That momentous day on February 12th, 1931 marked the first time in the long history of the Church that pope had sent his voice throughout the world. Revisit that historic day with the original recordings of Pope Pius XI's inaugural speech.
2/5/11 repeat of 1/21/06 - Of lynxes, academies and councils
Our "Latin Lover" explains how the Pontifical Academy of Sciences could possibly be connected to lynxes! All this and more.
1/28/11 - Colosseum
The Colosseum is to be restored by the founder of Tod's luxury shoe brand Diego della Valle. Good news then as this businessman is set to rescue a monument that represents Italy in the world. A restoration which will certainly no longer use Roman numerals in the calculation process but presumably take into account the iron pins that hold it together. Join the famed papal Latinist and connoisseur of all things Roman, Carmelite Father Reginald Foster, on a very windy day as you'll hear in a moment.
1/21/11 - Unitatis Redintegratio and all that
Recordings of Latin from the Second Vatican Council. The date is the 21st of November 1964 when with the Latin words "finem imponimus" Pope Paul VI puts an end to the penultimate sesssion of that landmark Ecumenical Council. On this occasion a number of documents were up for approval, among them one on ecumenism.
1/7/11 repeat of 1/4/07 - Extra orbem
Leo the Great, considered to be the most glorious Latinist among the Church Fathers who lived 1600 years ago may now be buried in St Peter's but he has left us a great written legacy. Our "Latin Lover" reads to us from a big fat tome containing some of these writings and upon request reads extracts concernign the magi: "the children of the light... throw off the works of darkness... cast off lies... throw out avarice... love generosity..."
12/17/10 repeat of 1/10/07 - Goddess Hunger
Our popular "Latin Lover" starts off by speaking of the Goddess Hunger and ends up with the Magnificat.
10/11/10 repeat of 3/25/06 - Consistorium: to sit together
If you don't happen to frequent Vatican circles or be familiar with church language, the word 'consistory' might not mean a lot to you. That's if you haven't studied Latin, as our popular "Latin Lover", Carmelite Father Reginald Foster never fails to point out.
8/27/10 - Londinum
A brief taste of London with our popular "Latin Lover".
8/20/10 repeat of 3/30/07 - Of Sacred Music
Pope Pius X founded the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music and wrote a Motu Proprio on this subject only a few months into his pontificate.
7/30/10 repeat of 7/29/08 - Calculations Colosseum
Ever thought how the Romans took ten years to build the Colosseum despite plans and blueprints with Roman numerals!
7/23/10 repeat of 8/31/06 - Robber Shakespeare
Our popular "Latin Lover" accuses Shakespeare of "furtum" from the Romans.
6/25/10 repeat of 8/5/06 - Silly Season
Our "Latin Lover" helps send a postcard from Marrakech.
6/18/10 repeat of 4/29/06 - Men for All Seasons
As the Catholic Church is about to remember two well known English martyrs, Saints Thomas More & John Fisher we join our popular "Latin Lover".
4/2/10 repeat of 4/6/07 - Victimae Paschali Laudes
Our popular "Latin Lover", Carmelite Father Reginald Foster bursts into timely song for Easter.
3/26/10 repeat of 4/8/06 - Obsoletely in Love
in love with ancient Latin hymns for Holy Week.
3/12/10 repeat of 3/7/08 - Leo the Great
A conversation to mark this Lenten season.
2/17/10 repeat of 2/9/08 - Spiritual Exercises
Spiritual exercises within Vatican walls.
1/09/10 repeat of 1/10/09 - Carmelite Charism
Father Reginald Foster tells us about what it means to him to be a Carmelite.
12/18/09 - Caligula's Beam in the Vatican
A recent red carpet event in the Vatican Museums becomes the topic
12/11/09 - The Latin Lover is Back
He has a Christmas message for you by phone.
9/18/09 - Sine Incitamento
No prompting needed to understand the Latin language at the time of the Vatican Council.
9/11/09 repeat of 11/25/06 - Sacellum Sistine
It was 1966 and the Archbishop of Canterbury spoke in English but Paul VI spoke in Latin.
9/4/09 - Exhibition Julius
Imagining the Roman's mind set in terms of photography, exhibitions and museums.
8/21/09 repeat of 6/6/08 - Sacred Space
A whistle stop tour of sacred space in the heart of Rome.
7/28/09 repeat of 7/29/08 - Engineers of Clout
Engineers drew up the project for the Colosseum with Roman numerals.
7/18/09 repeat of 3/14/08 - Duplex Spiritus
As the Church celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, we join our popular "Latin Lover" and Carmelite, Fr.Reginald Foster.
7/24/09 - Roman Ruts
We gaze at the ruts left by the chariots in the Roman Forum.
7/11/09 - Back to Latin
In an effort to mark the Feast of Saint Benedict which falls on July 11th our popular and playfully irreverent "Latin Lover" brings us back to the beginning of our Holy Father's pontificate.
7/3/09 repeat of 4/20/07 - Tiber Ladies
Tourists in Rome sail down the Tiber River in boats named after famous Roman ladies. But who exactly were they?
6/27/09 repeat of 4/29/06 - From the Island of Saints
"Two illustrious men shine forth like stars". They are Thomas More and John Fisher.
6/19/09 repeat of 10/7/06 - Gardens are Green
Pope Paul III once decided to change the landscape of the Palatine Hill by creating a formal garden.
6/12/09 repeat of 3/16/07 - Dante Dare
Our popular "Latin Lover" delves into Dante.
6/5/09 repeat of 8/11/07 - Deus Viridis Est
Father Reginald Foster gets quizzed about the Roman's attitude to the environment.
5/2/09 repeat of 5/16/07 - Equators and Nuncios
4/31/09 repeat of 1/10/07 - Goddess Hunger
Did you know the Romans had a Goddess of Hunger?
4/24/09 repeat of 4/20/07 - A Roman Tale
Our popular "Latin Lover" tells the tale of Romulus and Remus in an effort to celebrate Rome's birthday.
4/17/09 - Retiarius
Chatting of Latin nonsense with our popular "Latin Lover".
4/2/09 repeat of 4/8/06 - Lugging the Liber
When one's passionate about a language it can so happen that around Palm Sunday one stuffs in one's pocket a fat tome such as the "Liber Usualis".
3/13/09 repeat of 3/7/08 - Lenten Leo
Our popular "Latin Lover" brings us a taste of the Lenten sermons of Leo the Great and entertains us as he goes along.
3/3/09 repeat of 1/12/08 - Snakes and Otters
The Venerable Bede writes about Saint Cuthbert and our popular Latin Lover plays the Latin game.
02/13/09 repeat of 9/26/08 - Wall Full of Latin
We go over to our transmission center to read the inscriptions on the wall there with our popular "Latin Lover"
2/6/09 - Rowing in the Sand
Carmelite Father Reginald Foster takes a peek at Romans rowing in the sand
1/10/09 - The Latin Lover
Carmelite Father Reggie Foster talks about the particular charism of his Order
1/8/09 - The Latin Lover
Father Reggie Foster muses about astrology and astronauts
12/17/08 - Adeste Fidelis
Carmelite Father Reginald Christmas special
11/28/08 repeat of 12/2/06 - Andrew's Head
Father Reginald Foster helps us mark the Feast of Saint Andrew which falls on November 30th.
11/21/08 - UNICEF
Well how do you say United Nations Children's Fund in Latin?
11/14/08 - Tired of Running the World
The Roman Emperor Hadrian may have run the world but he also wrote a cute little poem to his "anima blandula"!
11/7/08 - Squeezing Process
You're squeezing all these industries into one entity, that's globalization.
10/31/08 repeat of 1/21/06 - One Lynx Two Bars
Exerpt of first few minutes about the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.
10/24/08 - Crux
"You will conquer in this sign", our popular "Latin Lover" tells us more.
10/18/08 repeat of 6/28/07 - Vesuvius
Fr. Reginald Foster tells of an over eager Roman admiral whose curiosity led him rather too close to Vesuvius.
10/3/08 - Scrabble
Could the Romans have played scrabble in Latin? Our popular "Latin Lover" Carmelite Reginald Foster replies.
9/26/08 - Not Wars
"Not wars, not slaughters, not bad deeds but musical symphonies .. ".Those are some of the words inscribed on the walls of Vatican Radio's transmission centre. Our popular "Latin Lover" helps us mark our forthcoming feast day here at Vatican Radio.
9/13/08 repeat of 2/11/06 - Lapurdum
Father Reginald Foster takes us to the foot of the Pyrenees.
9/5/08 - Horace to Disney
Fr Reginald Foster loves to repeat the Romans invented everything including the story of the country mouse.
8/29/08 - Olympics
Our popular "Latin Lover" speaks to us of the world of sports.
8/8/08 repeat of 3/23/07 - Himalayas
Letting our popular Latin Lover loose in the Himalayas
7/29/08 - Roman Engineering
How engineers built the Colosseum using Roman numerals
7/25/08 repeat of 2/4/06 - Some Papal Picnic
Dolphins and tempests with our popular "Latin Lover"
7/11/08 - Pilgrim Way
Where would Christians in ancient Rome have gone on pilgrimage?
7/4/08 - Innocent X Haunts
Our popular "Latin Lover" tells us about Innocent X, who haunts the rooms of the Roman palace where the pope's own Latinist teaches.
6/27/08 - Inmates of Mamertinus
If the Romans didn't envisage long term detention, how could Saints Peter and Paul have possibly been inmates at the Mamertinus?
6/20/08 repeat of 1/12/08 - Of Snakes and Otters
Does the Latin of the Venerable Bede muster any groans of approval on the part of our popular "Latin Lover"?
6/13/08 repeat of 10/7/06 - Palatine Hill
Father Reginald Foster gets quizzed about a garden created by a pope on one one of the seven hills of Rome.
6/6/08 - Tram Tracks
What do tram tracks, Julius Caesar and sacred space have in common?
5/7/08 - Terrorism
Our popular "Latin Lover" tells us how to say terrorism in Latin and much more!
5/3/08 - Alexandria afore Gutenberg
Our popular "Latin Lover" takes us to one of the great libraries of the past and tells of Mark Anthony's gift to Cleopatra.
4/25/08 - Rome's Birthday
Our popular "Latin Lover" helps celebrate by telling the story of Romulus and Remus
4/11/08 - Ben Hur
Chariot races explained by the pope's own Latinist, Carmelite Father Reginald Foster.
4/5/08 - When Pius IX Puffed Away
Our popular "Latin Lover" tells us about one XIX century pope's tobacco factory.
3/14/08 - Carmel
Our popular "Latin Lover" usually speaks about the Romans but today he shines the spotlight on the charism of his own order.
3/7/08 - Lenten Leo
Pope Benedict highlighted the writings of Pope Leo the Great on Wednesday this week. Providing our popular "Latin Lover" with an opportunity to take a look at some of this Saint's Lenten sermons.
2/22/08 - Cathedra Petri
From Leo the Great to Pope Benedict XVI matters pertaining to a special feast.
2/15/08 - Inscriptions on the Walls
Our transmission centre outside Vatican City was first inaugurated by Pius XII half a century ago. For the occasion Latin inscriptions were engraved on the walls.
2/9/08 - Since the 1920's
As Pope Benedict gets ready for his annual Lenten retreat we take a look at spiritual exercises in the Vatican over the twentieth century.
1/16/08 repeat of 9/14/07 - Lap Tops for Church Fathers
On the Latin of Augustine, Jerome and Ignatius of Loyola.
1/12/08 - Bede: No Spaghetti Latin
Of snakes and otters as described by the Venerable Bede.
1/4/08 repeat of 1/4/07 - Leo the Great
How a pope and a glorious Latinist handles the story of the three kings.
1/1/08 - Mens Sana
Fr. Reginald Foster helps us bring in the New Year.
12/21/07 - Nativitas
Seasonal thoughts with our popular "Latin Lover". Carmelite Father Reginald Foster.
12/8/07 edited repeat of 2/11/06 - Lapurdum
Our popular "Latin Lover" tells the story of Lourdes.
11/30/07 repeat of 12/2/06 - Andrew's Head
An unusual way to mark the Feast of Saint Andrew.
11/23/07 - Universalis Puerorum Dies
Children will be children, even down the centuries.
11/2/07 repeat of 11/11/06 - After Life
How the Romans envisaged life after death.
10/26/07 repeat of 11/25/06 - Paul VI and Anglicans
We go back to the days of Paul VI and his meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury.
10/19/07 repeat of 6/28/07 - Vesuvius
Carmelite Fr. Reginald Foster shares with us his knowledge of Pliny the Elder's account of the eruption of Vesuvius.
10/12/07 repeat of 3/30/07 - Instruction
Decipher an instruction on sacred music drafted by the founder of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Saint Pius X.
10/5/07 - Juno Moneta
Ever wondered where we get the expression monetary policy from?
9/28/07 - Patron of Communications
Our popular "Latin Lover" helps us celebrate our feast day here at Vatican Radio.
9/21/07 - Fame to Magnificat
How our popular "Latin Lover" goes from speaking of fame, to hunger, to the Magnificat.
9/14/07 - What Latin
Augustine, Jerome, Ignatius of Loyola all wrote Latin, but what were their skills in this ancient language really like?
8/25/07 - Encyclical Delivered
Our popular "Latin Lover" helps us better understand Pius XI.
8/18/07 - Claudius [Sorry, the recording was never posted on the Vatican Radio site.]
Ever wanted to know more about the Emperor Claudius?
8/11/07 - God is Green
Environmentalism... Our weekly rendez-vous with our popular "Latin Lover".
8/4/07 - Virtual Tour
Of Rome and much more... Our weekly rendez-vous with our popular "Latin Lover".
7/27/07 - Tiberius
The Roman emperor who lived at the time of Jesus.
7/20/07 repeat of 7/20/06 - Caligula's Aqua Fun
Of boat parties in a little lake nestling in the Alban hills.
7/14/07 - Hell to Heaven
Shining the spotlight on an eminent Italian poet Pope Benedict often quotes.
7/11/07 - No Regrets
Shaping Latin to the modern world is not the way to save it.
7/7/07 - Latin Treasure Trove
Our "Latin Lover" raves about our Latin prayers.
6/28/07 - Pliny
The story of an admiral and a volcano.
6/20/07 - Fisher and More
Our "Latin Lover" picks up the speech of Pius XI on the day of the canonization of these English martyrs.
6/8/07 - Credentials
Our "Latin Lover" shares with us his work at translating papal missives to heads of State, including to President Bush.
6/1/07 - Fire
Incendiary notes and chuckles.
5/24/07 - Code Cicero
An insight into the personality of Cicero.
5/16/07 - Equators and Nuncios
Equators and Nuncios, Bicycles and Belts.
4/27/07 - Hadrian's Wall
Our "Latin Lover" takes us north of Nottingham.
4/20/07 - Rea Silvia
Tiber ladies to celebrate Rome's birthday, among them the mother of Romulus and Remus.
4/13/07 - With Burning Sorrow
A century and a half since the birth of the founder of our radio station Pope Pius XI, we take a look at one of his more well known encyclicals.
4/6/07 - The Lamb
Listen as our "Latin Lover" speaks to us this Easter season of waxy candles and sings to us of "The Lamb" redeeming the sheep
3/30/07 - Inter Sollicitudines
An instruction on sacred music written in 1903 by Pope Pius X becomes the subject of conversation.
3/23/07 - Himalayas and Obelisks
We go for a walk uphill and a trip downstream.
3/16/07 - Dante
"In Praeclara Summorum", that's the title of the encyclical penned by Pope Benedict XV back in 1921.
3/9/07 - Lion's Paw
What St Jerome had to do with deserts, lions, skulls and books!
3/2/07 - Heavens
"We who by a secret plan of heaven..."
2/22/07 - Papal Exercises
I.E. Spiritual exercises with our Latin Lover.
2/16/07 - Claudius I Presume
Would this Roman emperor remind you more of Napoleon, Kennedy or Churchill? "Our Latin Lover "replies.
2/9/07 - Shriveled Leg for an Emperor
Did the Romans believe in collective healing and what would they have thought of Lourdes?
1/26/07 - Caritas and Love - repeat of 1/28/06
How does the Latin in Pope Benedict's encyclical compare with the spaghetti Latin of Saint Thomas Aquinas?
1/19/07 - Letter - of Christians
When Pliny the Younger writes to the Emperor Trajan about the persecution of Christians.
1/10/07 - Goddess Hunger
Our "Latin Lover" tells of the Goddess of Hunger, "Fames".
1/4/07 - Star of Wonder
Our "Latin Lover" tells the story of the Three Kings
12/30/06 - Old Cheer
Our "Latin Lover" helps us bring the New Year in.
12/23/06 - Advenit Dominus
Our "Latin Lover" offers us his Christmas greetings.
12/14/06 - Perpetual Motion
Why we listen to the music of Strauss.
12/9/06 - Talking Turkey
Our weekly rendez vous with our popular "Latin Lover".
12/2/06 - Andrew's Head
When our "Latin Lover" spins the story of a saint and a pope.
11/25/06 - Paul VI
Our "Latin Lover" takes apart the glorious Latin of Paul VI to the Archbishop of Canterbury back in 1966.
11/18/06 - Petrus Eni
Our "Latin Lover" writes a postcard describing an exhibition about St Peter's Basilica.
11/11/06 - Styx
Our "Latin Lover" tells us how the ancient Romans envisaged death.
11/4/06 repeat of 1/21/06 - Accademia
Our "Latin Lover " explains how the Pontifical Academy of Sciences could possibly be connected to lynxes! All this and more.
10/21/06 - Turkey
While on a pastoral journey to Turkey Paul VI once spoke in Latin.
10/14/06 repeat of 2/4/06 - Pope in a Boat
When popes went downstream to the Roman port of Ostia.
10/7/06 - Papal Garden
Our "Latin Lover" gets quizzed about a garden created by a pope on a very Roman hill.
9/30/06 repeat of 1/28/06 - Deus Caritas Est
Translating Benedict XVI's first encyclical into Latin.
9/23/06 - My Friend Cicero
Did the children of the ancient Romans go to school and what did they write on?
9/16/06 repeat of 4/27/06 - Roman Flags
What stealing Roman flags could possibly have in common with encyclicals exclusively Latin.
9/9/06 - Eagles Lost
Our "Latin Lover" tells how the Germans destroyed the Roman legions.
9/2/06 - Shakespeare and Lies
The Romans invented everything claims our "Latin Lover".
8/26/06 - Not So Dear
When they wrote to each other they often bickered. They are St. Augustine and St Jerome.
8/5/06 - Silly Season
Our "Latin Lover" helps write a postcard from Marrakech.
7/29/06 - Numerals Unveiled
Our "Latin Lover" helps with the Latin inscriptions on the walls of Rome.
7/22/06 - Merry Martial
A little light entertainment with our popular "Latin Lover", erudite Carmelite Father Reginald Foster.
7/20/06 - Battle on a Pond
A little lake nestling in the Alban hills, that's the site of Caligula's boat parties and "aqua fun"!
7/15/06 - Saving Latin
Our "Latin Lover" takes us by the hand giving us linguistic insight into our Pope's first speech.
7/8/06 - Love Struck
Our "Latin Lover" informs us of a curious linguistic link between the word nuncio and Cupid.
7/1/06 - Over the Alps
Our "Latin Lover " tells the story of Hannibal and goes animal friendly.
6/23/06 repeat of 2/25/06 Emperor On The Rink
Bullying our "Latin Lover" to team up five Roman emperors with five winter sports may seem a bold exercise but it's one that provides fleeting relief from the summer heat!
6/16/06 - Consilium Post Consilium
Our "Latin Lover" may chuckle but does he scold! He's on the war path when it comes to getting the universal language of the Catholic Church back on track.
6/10/06 repeat of 4/29/06 - Men For All Seasons
6/3/06 - Gods of Ancient Rome
Were the ancient Romans a bit snobby when it came to picking their Gods? That's the question I put to our "Latin Lover". He's Carmelite, Reginald Foster the pope's own Latinist.
5/6/06 - Fireflies
The Romans were in the habit of offering their guests live fireflies or "cicindelae's" in little boxes as gifts. Although quite what this has to do with wolves and sit-in's on the Aventine is a totally different story.
4/29/06 - Men For All Seasons
It was 1930, the Pope was Pius XI and the time had come to canonize two illustrious men from the "Island of Saints" who had shone forth like stars. Their names Cardinal John Fisher and the Chancellor of England Thomas More.
4/27/06 - Give Me Back My Eagles
"You do not steal Roman flags" cried the Roman Emperor Augustus as he pranced around the Palatine hill tearing his hair out in despair, when he learnt he'd been betrayed by a former German Ally.
4/22/06 - Empire In A Basket
It's a well known story, a she-wolf comes trotting out from the Palatine hill and discovers twins abandoned in a basket on the shores of the Tiber River. She saves them and many years later they found the city of Rome. Our "Latin Lover" spins the tale.
4/15/06 - Lamb Of God
"Resurgo" in the Latin language means to rise up again... Listen as our "Latin Lover", speaks to us this Easter Season of waxy candles and sings to us of "The Lamb" redeeming the sheep.
4/13/06 - Rite As Rain
Not only does our Latinist take us by the hand during Holy Week imparting to us linguistical knowledge regarding rites and rituals still in use today. But he also takes us back seven centuries, in a burst of song, with his "Ubi Caritas".
4/8/06 - Obsoletely In Love
Give him the opportunity to flip through the yellowish pages of an ancient looking musical tome and his mood will swing from weepy sad to tearfully happy. He's our "Latin Lover" and in a burst of song he deftly communicates Palm Sunday emotions.
4/1/06 - Ave Maria
Listening to the words of the Hail Mary in Latin provides our "Latin Lover" with the opportunity to lodge a complaint as to the lack of use of this universal language of the Catholic Church in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council.
3/25/06 - Consistory of Cardinals
When the Cardinals come to Rome to meet with the Pope, it provides an occasion to see the Latin roots of many words.
3/18/06 - Julius Caesar
Beware the Ides of March and Fr. Foster's tour of Rome about the sites Caesar's life and death.
2/25/06 - Emperor On The Rink
Getting our "Latin Lover" to team up five Roman emperors with five winter sports may seem a trifle bold. But he proved to be a good sport and even added Julius Caesar as the umpire. Be sure to find out who got to do the figure skating!
2/18/06 - A Starry Skiff
In 1970 the Pope's own translator won a Latin competition in the Vatican by describing the Apollo moon landing. Listen as he bashfully shares with us some of his personal secrets as a linguist. Including the difficulties encountered in describing jet rocket engines!
2/11/06 - Lapurdum Revisited
Once upon a time at the foot of the Pyrenees there lived a little peasant girl by the name of Bernadette or Bernardula to whom Our Lady appeared. Listen to this potted history of Lourdes or Lapurdum.
2/4/06 - Picnic With The Pope
Pope Pius II went down the Tiber River in a rowing boat to have a picnic out in Ostia. But while he was eating his dish of shark a violent storm ripped his papal tent apart.
1/28/06 - Tender Is The Latin
Our "Latin Lover" translated Pope Benedict's first encyclical letter "God is love" into the Church's official language. A tough task he claims because of that terrible jargon currently in use in modern languages. The Romans he moans never spoke that way! Find out in "Deus Caritas Est".
1/21/06 - Tough Lynx
The Pontifical Academy of Sciences grew out of the "Accademia dei Lincei". A tough title to translate as the Italian word "lincei" refers to lynxes. But if you know Latin you'll connect that word to a well-known proverb which links sharpness of wit to this wild beast.
1/14/06 - Ben Hur
Well on the surface of it Ben Hur may not have a lot to do with Indianapolis but in this conversation focusing on chariot racing we do find some loose links.

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