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Reginald Fosterís first book OSSA LATINITATIS SOLA will be released on September 8, 2015!

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Hear Fr. Foster on Vatican Radio: The Latin Lover

They call him the Pope's Latinist - I've collected a few articles and photos to help you understand this colorful man.

Please note: I am not Fr. Foster, and I am not in contact with him. To reach him, look at the last four (summer class) links for his address and write him yourself.

Some other websites about Fr. Foster's famous summer class:

Anyone interested in taking Fr. Foster's class should mail a short note of interest to Reginald Foster at 3553 S 41st St; Milwaukee WI 53221. He'll send you a contract and you can take the class for free in Milwaukee.

Fr. Foster on YouTube

Reggie Foster's Caesar SongSing Along
Ecce Caesar nunc triumphat qui subegit Galliam,
Civiumque multitudo celebrat victoriam.

Gaius Iulius Caesar noster, imperator, pontifex,
Primum praetor, deinde consul, nunc dictator, moxque rex.

En victores procedentes, laeti floribus novis,
Magna praeda sunt potiti et captivis plurimis.

Exsultantes magna voce Io triumphe! concinunt,
Dum auratum ante currum victa oppida ferunt.

Legiones viam sacram totam complent strepitu,
Capitolinumquc collem scandit Caesar in curru.

O sol pulcher, o laudande! Caesarem recepimus,
Et corona triumphali honoratum vidimus.

Patre Reginald Foster (experto de Latino in Vatican)

Pictures of Fr. Foster (Click on image to see full size.)

Go here to see Our class trip to Formia - Home of Cicero, "Father of Latinity"

I forgot who sent me this picture, sorry.
This is the picture I borrowed from the New York Times article above.
Three of my pictures of Fr. Foster in action in the classroom.
(The one below is the sharpest.)

Some more picture collected from various websites

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