Experience III, Lesson 14: Pronominal Adjectives

Learning to form the Pronominal Adjectives

There is a group of adjectives, called pronominal adjectives that form the same as the above demonstrative pronouns learned in last lesson. I.e. they are standard block 1 adjectives (-us, -a, -um) except for for being irregular in their genitive singular = "-ius" and dative singular = "-i"

There are nine of them, but they are important adjectives so they need to be learned:

Pronominal Adjectives

unus, -a, -umone, alone, only (pl)
nullus, -a, -um
  [nonnullus, -a, -um]
none, no
  [some, several]
ullus, -a, -umany
solus, -a, -umsole, alone
neuter, neutra, neutrumneither (of 2)
alter, -a, -umthe other (of 2), the second; plural: the other group (pl)
uter, utra, utrum
  [uterque, utraque, utrumque]
which (of 2)
  [both, each (of 2)]
totus, -a, -umwhole; entire [* doesn't mean: all]
alius, -a, -udanother, others


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