Experience III, Lesson 13: Forming the Demonstratives

Learning to form the Demonstrative Pronouns / Adjectives

Note that each of the demonstratives learned in last lesson can be used either as a pronoun: "this" is good; or as an adjective: "this boy" is good.

Hic, Haec, Hoc

This demonstrative is somewhat irregular so must be memorized.

This - singular

These - plural

Nom. = Subj.hichaechochihaehaec
Acc. = Obj.hunchanchochoshashaec
Gen. = Poss.huiushorumharumhorum
Dat. = I.Obj.huichis

Ille, illa, illud; Iste, ista, istud; Ipse, ipsa, ipsum

All three of these form the same as Block 1 nouns (-us, -a, -um) with 2 exceptions: Now go on to Homework 10+11

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