Lesson 27: Passive of Times 4-6

Learning the passive forms of verbs of Time 4-6


Time 4
4th part of the Verb + Time 1 of the verb 'to be'
laudatus est = he has been praised, he was praised
sumus laudati = we have been praised, we were praised

Time 5
4th part of the Verb + Time 2 of the verb 'to be'
vulneratus erat = he had been wounded
vulneratae erant = the women had been wounded

Time 6
4th part of the Verb + Time 3 of the verb 'to be'
nunciata erit = she will have been announced

N.B. The 4th part of the verb will change to match the number and gender of the subject. "laudata est=she was praised", "laudata sunt=the things were praised"

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