Lesson 24: Meaning of Passive Voice

Learning the meanings of the Passive Voice

Instructions: Without worrying about the endings just yet, spend 2-3 minutes learning the meanings of these different times.

Meaning in English

  1. Time 1. laudamur: we are praised, we are being praised
  2. Time 2. cantabatur: it was being sung, it used to be sung, it was always sung
  3. Time 3. coronabuntur: they will be crowned, they will be being crowned
  4. Time 4a. visus es: you have been seen
  5. Time 4b. visus es: you were seen
  6. Time 5. vocata erant: I had been called
  7. Time 6. inscripti eritis: Ye will have been registered
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N.B. "Some of the dumbest people in the world have learned Latin, so there is still hope for some of you." - Fr. Foster

First Experience Latin - Fr. Reginald Foster

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