Mt St Marys Seminary

Graduates from the Diocese of Lincoln

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Class of 1979
Fr. David Bourek
Fr. Thomas Au
Fr. Gary Gabel
Fr. Michael Houlihan
Class of 1980
Fr. Maurice Currant
Class of 1981
Bishop Mike Jackels - ordained Bishop of Witchita April 4, 2005; installed Archbishop of Dubuque May 30, 2013
Fr. Tom McGuire
Class of 1982
Fr. Val Bartek
Fr. Mark Pfeiffer
Class of 1983
Msgr. Tim Thorburn
Class of 1984
Msgr. Joe Nemec
Class of 1986
Msgr. David Hintz
Class of 1987
Fr. Ken Borowiak
Fr. Phil Luther - Rest in Peace Jan. 9, 2008
Class of 1988
Fr. John Copenhaver
Class of 1989
Fr. Gary Brethour
Fr. Mike McCabe
Fr. Brad Zitek
Class of 1990
Fr. Mark Tasler - Rest in Peace Apr. 6, 2010
Class of 1992
Fr. Leo Kosch
Fr. Rand Langhorst
Class of 1993
Fr. Ron Holmes
Class of 1996
Fr. Loras Grell
Class of 1997
Fr. Ferd Boehme
Fr. Joe Steele
Class of 1998
Fr. Bill Ryland
Class of 1999
Fr. Tom Bush
Fr. Gary Coulter
Fr. Ray Jansen
Fr. Chris Kubat
Fr. Andrew Menke
Fr. Dan Rayer
Class of 2000
Fr. Scott Courtney
Fr. Ramon Decaen
Class of 2002
Fr. Andrew Kurz
Fr. Tom MacLean
Class of 2003
Fr. Joe Bernardo
Fr. Dave Oldham
Fr. Sean Timmerman
Class of 2004
Fr. Paul Frank
Fr. Chris Goodwin
Class of 2006
Fr. Lee Jirovsky
Class of 2007
Fr. Benjamin Holdren
Fr. Rafael Rodriguez-Fuentes
Class of 2009
Fr. Andrew Heaslip
Class of 2010
Fr. Patrick Barvik
Fr. Matthew Rolling
Class of 2011
Fr. Adam Sughroue
Class of 2012
Fr. Michael Zimmer
Class of 2013
Fr. David Gayhardt
Fr. Adam Sparling
Class of 2014
Fr. Eric Clark
Class of 2015
Fr. Steve Graeve
Fr. Corey Harrison
Fr. Denton Morris
Class of 2016
Fr. Christopher Eckrich
Fr. Nathan Hall
Fr. Evan Winter

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