The Barbarians

Mt St Marys Seminary Class of 1999

Our class was nicknamed "The Barbarians" after a film we made for a Church History class - you can guess the topic. Some saw many other parallels besides...

R.I.P. Fr. Terry Cramer / Br. Ephrem (Arlington) died November 7, 2013.

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Fr Justin Baker (Burlington VT)
Fr Brian Bashista (Arlington VA)
Fr Herbert Bennerfield (Lafayette LA)
Fr Tom Bush (Lincoln NE)
Fr Damien Cook (Omaha NE)
Fr Gary Coulter, JCL (Lincoln NE)
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Fr Troy deChabert Schuster (St Thomas VI)
Fr Mike Dobbins (Arlington VA)
Fr John "Jack" Durkin (Atlana GA)
Father Jack Speaks
Fr Thomas Fesen (Trenton NJ)
Fr John Heisler (Arlington VA)
Fr Anthony Hession (Fargo ND)
Fr Brian Higgins (Atlanta GA) <- Chaplain, Southern Catholic College, Dawsonville, GA
Fr Thomas Holloway (Peoria IL)
Fr Raymond Jansen (Lincoln NE)
Fr Daniel Jordan, JCL (Burlington VT)
Fr James Keenan (Rockford IL)
Fr Joseph Kenna (Arlington VA)
Fr C "Doug" Kenney (Baltimore MD) - St. Ann, Hagerstown
Fr Jerome Koutnik (Rockford IL)
Fr Chris Kubat (Lincoln NE)
Fr Robert Lancaster (Santa Fe NM)
Fr Thomas Leland (Wichita KS)
Fr John McKenna (Santa Fe NM)
Fr Greg Markey (Bridgeport CT)
Fr Darrin May (Wichita KS)
Fr Andrew Menke (Lincoln NE)
Fr Walter Nagle (Norwich CT)
Fr Liem Nguyen (Atlanta GA)
Fr Christopher Pieroni (Santa Fe NM)
Fr Dan Rayer (Lincoln NE)
Fr. Dan Rogaczewski (Atlanta GA) teacher at Pius X High School, Atlanta
Fr Charles Seiwert, JCL (Wichita KS)
Fr John Short (Sioux Falls SD)
Fr Gregory Simien (Lafayette LA)
Fr Fabio Sotelo-Pena (Atlanta GA)
Fr Darvin Winters (Indianapolis IN)
Fr Michael Woolley (Providence RI)
Homily Blog by Fr. Michael Woolley
Fr Jason Worley (Baltimore MD)

You May Recall

Fr John Chang (Trenton NJ) (Class of 2000)

Other Classmates:

Fr Blaine D'Acci (Peoria IL)
Fr John "Ed" Lee (Norwich CT)
Fr Jim Maranki (Allentown PA) - left the priesthood in 2008, and has been married since
Fr Luis Bonilla (Allentown PA)
Blaine, Ed, Jim, Luis and others: we are keeping you in our prayers.
David Todd
Sen. Tony Fulton
Patrick Delaney

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