Mt St Marys Seminary Class of 1996

Homily Exchange

Want to exchange homily ideas? Fr. Brian Simon ('96) has his homilies online.
Fr John Antony
Fr Eric Arnout
Fr Timothy Baer
Fr Paul Berghout
Fr Gregory Bramlage
Fr Brian Brownsey <- new vocations director <- not working
Fr Paul Burke (Atlanta)
Fr John Clark
Fr Stephen Cocca
Fr Christian Connelly
Fr John De Celles
Fr Andrew Dudzinski
Fr Alphonso Fontana
Fr Loras Grell (Lincoln)
Fr Ronald Gripshover
Fr Maurice Harrigan
Fr Thomas Hennessy (Atlanta)
Fr Paul Houde
Fr Jeffery Lawrence
Fr Vicente Magdaraog
Fr Mark Richard
Fr Edward Roberts
Fr Matthew Roussel
Fr Brian Simon
Fr Michael Sisco
Fr Jerome Smith
Fr Terry Specht
Fr Robert Spilman
Fr Stefan Starzynski
Fr Edwin Tewes
Fr Peter Vu
Fr Wes Walawender
Fr Joseph Weelock
Fr Daniel Wilder
Fr Jeffery Windy
Fr Matthew Zuberbueler

Other Classmates:

Fr Mike Thomas

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