Catholic and Christian Marriage Websites and Links

by Fr. Gary Coulter

This is a work in progress, so please e-mail your corrections and suggestions. Find the Recommended Books on Marriage on a separate page - thanks to your suggestions, the marriage resources have grown too big for one page.

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For Your Marriage - Resources for living happily ever after

Fathers for Good - Embrace the Adventure of Fatherhood

Directory of Catholic Websites
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Natural Family Planning
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Directory of Catholic Resources

Featured Authors
John and Sheila Kippley
Kimberly and Scott Hahn
The Best of Catholic Books and Resources
Church Teaching on Marriage, Family and Theology of the Body
Enriching your Catholic Marriage
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This is a page of Catholic marriage resources, if you are looking for secular (non-Catholic) marriage websites and links go here.

Sites of some Featured Authors

Preparing for Marriage: - Resources for living happily ever after
Site sponsored by the U.S. Bishops has great information and links to help marriage preparation and enrichment, including a Daily Marriage Tips, Book of the Month and numerous other Marriage resources, Blogs, and ideas to strengthen your marriage. See the Sitemap.

National Pastoral Initiative on Marriage (NPIM)
Companion site of the US Bishops with various studies and reports on marriage and marriage preparation.

Catholic Engaged Encounter
Look for a location near you

FOCCUS/REFOCCUS Premarital & Marital Inventories

BGCO - Bride & Groom Communication Online
A Catholic site which has encouragement for married couples, tips on improving communication, enhancing your relationship and a wonderful reading list for engaged couples planning their marriage. Includes "Together as One," a Catholic discussion book for engaged couple, articles about marriage and marriage preparation and links to wedding sites.
Offers an online alternative to Catholic marriage preparation as required by many Catholic dioceses, esp. good for military couples or others whose school or job prevents them from attending conventional classes.
For Better and For Ever: an on-line resource for christian and catholic dating/engaged couples by Fr. Robert Ruhnke. Training for "sponsor couples." Retreats for married couples/divorced/singles and more. A wealth of free onlin resources!
Fully Engaged is a Catholic Catechetical Marriage Preparation program which includes a premarital inventory, couple workbook, facilitator guide and training materials. English and Spanish.

The National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers (NACFLM)
Includes a good list of Annotated Resources linking to numerous organizations that help build up marriage and family life.

Preparing for Engagement

Family Life Center International
In Port Charlotte, FL features a variety of good material on dating and courtship, plus marriage, parenting and other related issues for Catholics and others. They recommend on dating and preparing for marriage:

Chastity: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults by Fr. Gerald Kelly, S.J.
Written for young men and women of college age, this books presents many helpful ideas on the proper dating and courtship which will help one find a good spouse. Many non-Catholics have also found it helpful.

Natural Family Planning:

Couple to Couple League -
The source for information on Natural Family Planning (Sympto-Thermal Method). Read how it really does take two to plan a family! Find an NFP class in your area. They also have a good magazine "Family Foundations" has CCL class schedule for Omaha, NE.

Don't forget to check out the resources on NFP by John & Sheila Kippley

NFP Outreach: Facts About Natural Family Planning -
NFP Outreach has accurate, practical, up-to-date facts about the various Natural Family Planning methods. A handy search tool also allows you to find an NFP teacher or resources in your area. Includes a library of documents.

Pope Paul VI Institute -
The home of FertilityCare and NaProTechnology, revolutionizing women's health care while building a culture of life, thanks to Dr. Thomas Hilgers,
See the directory of FertilityCare Centers of America providers at

The American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals -
Formerly the American Academy of Natural Family Planning, a professional organization that provides certification / accreditation for Creighton Model FertilityCare NFP, and promotes research in natural family planning.

One More Soul -
Many excellent books and resources on NFP and against contraceptives, including Dr. Janet Smith, Scott and Kimberly Hahan, and Christopher West on Pope John Paul's Theology of the Body. Also a pro-life, NFP-only Physicians' Directory!

The Billings Ovulation Method - Drs. John and Evelyn Billings - Australia
The Ovulation Method: Natural Family Planning - John J. Billings

Pope Paul VI Institute -

Creighton Model Natural Family Planning -

Family of the Americas
Information on the ovulation method of Natural Family Planning from Family of the Americas Foundation.

Marriage Enrichment: - Resources for living happily ever after
Site sponsored by the U.S. Bishops has great information and links to help marriage preparation and enrichment, including a Daily Marriage Tips, Book of the Month and numerous other Marriage resources, Blogs, and ideas to strengthen your marriage. See the Sitemap.

Father for Good -
Site sponsored by the Knights of Columbus includes videos and articles on marriage and parenting, with expert advice and interactive forums. Wives are welcome too! - helping husbands beome the best fathers they can be.

World Wide Marriage Encounter -
A Catholic ministry committed to continuing and strengthening marital love, making good marriages better with weekend retreats and communication techniques.

National Marriage Encounter -

Teams of Our Lady -
A Catholic program for groups of couples to form Teams that meet monthly for prayer and study.

Family Ministries - Archdiocese of Chicago - includes a full page of Marriage Ministries
Marriage Magazine and First Years and Forever E-Newsletter for Newly Married Couples

Claire & John Yzaguirre -
A Catholic couple, both mental health professionals, with programs for couples, parents and healthy living.
New book: Thriving Marriages: An Inspirational and Practical Guide to Lasting Happiness A user-friendly "marriage manual" for engaged and married couples. A practical marriage curriculum for couples' and family life ministries.

Troubled Marriages:

Means "rediscovery" - a program to help couples heal and renew their marriage relationship that has drifted apart or is facing great challenges.

The Institute for Marital Healing -
Catholic Therapists (Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons) with material for couples, counselors, clergy and educators.

Two good sites to help find competent Catholic Marriage counseling: and

For Churches and Parishes:
A variety of parish programs from marriage preparation to enrichment.

National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers -
A number of resources for strengthing marriages, leadership, catechesis and more. Become a "Marriage Building" parish.

Familia: Living the Splendor of Love
A small group, parish program to introduce couples to authentic love through the teachings of the Catholic Church

Together In God's Love A Catholic Marriage Preparation Program from Our Sunday Visitor, featuring a workbook, facilitators guide, DVD, and mentor couple's guide.

Family Honor Inc. - Communicating the truth about life, chastity and sexuality, including parent-only and parent-child pragrams, and online training. A suite of "marriage preparation" programs from high school catechesis to marriage enrichment retreats.

General Information:

Promotion and Defense of Marriage from the U.S. Bishops Conference

Resources for Catholic Men

St. Joseph Communications
Christopher West tapes
Scott and Kimberly Hahn tapes
Msgr. William Smith tapes
A non-profit organization founded by a Catholic couple offering free online resources consistent with Church teachings, traditional family values and virtues - aimed at educating others about God's plan for marriage.

A page of Post Abortion Resources
Including National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing - "Project Rachel"

Women for Faith & Family
A leading woman's organization advocating the culture of life.

Christian Family Movement
A national network of Catholic parish groups, dedicated to "improving the quality of family life by reaching out."

Family First -
Nebraska's pro-family public policy think tank (not-Catholic: affiliated with Focus on the Family, but very Catholic views on all issues).

Sometimes people ask me about online dating sites. I don't know anything about them, but this is a site run by Catholics, that reviews the various
This is a page of Catholic marriage resources, if you are looking for secular (non-Catholic) marriage books and links go here.
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