Experience III, Lesson 6: Irregular Adjectives and Adverbs

Comparative Adjectives

In English some adjectives and adverbs are highly irregular: good/well, better, best; bad/ill, worse, worst; much, more, most.
So also in Latin, some frequently used adjectives are irregular, and so will not form as learned in Lesson 4

Irregular Adjective

PositiveComparative (M-F)Comparative (N)Superlative
bonus -a -ummeliormeliusoptimus -a -umgood
malus -a -umpeiorpeiuspessimus -a -umbad
magnus -a -ummaiormaiusmaximus -a -umgreat
parvus -a -umminorminusminimus -a -umsmall
multus -a -ums. -
pl. plures
plurimus -a -ummuch

Comparative Adverbs

As above some Latin Adverbs are irregular, i.e. they do not form as learned in Lesson 5.

Irregular Adverbs

benemeliusoptimewell; better; best;
multumplusplurimummuch; more; most;
[parvus]minusminime[small]; less; least
[magnus]magismaxime[great]; more; most

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