Experience III, Lesson 34: Expressing Purpose

Numerous ways to express purpose

Using the example:

The Cardinals came to Rome to elect Pontiffs

Cardinales Romam venerunt...

Ut + Subjunctive (active)ut pontifices eligerent
Ut + Subjunctive (passive)ut pontifices ab iis eligerentur
Relative Pronoun (active)qui pontifices eligerent
Relative Pronoun (passive)a quibus pontifices eligerentur
Future Participlepontifices electuri
Supinevenerunt pontifices electum
Gerundad pontifices eligendum
Gerundivead pontifices eligendos
Gerund + causa, gratia, ergo
"because of", "for the sake of"
eligendi pontifices causa [gratia / ergo]
Gerundiveeligendorum pontificum causa [gratia / ergo]
Gerund + simple Dative
(not really with verbs of motion:)
eligendo pontifices
e.g. quonium consilium fuit eligendo pontifices
Gerundive + simple Dativeeligendis pontificibus
Quo ("so that") + comparative (passive)quo celerius pontifices eligerentur
Quo + comparative (active) - more rarequo celerius cardinales eligerent pontifices
Poetry (don't usewith infinitive (eligere pontifices)

Third Experience Latin - Fr. Reginald Foster

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