Online Latin Study Aid -- PLATO

A post to the Latin Study E-Mail List on 14 Dec 2012

Another option is PLATO, a computer based educational system that ran on CDC mainframes. Thanks to the DTCyber mainframe emulator there is a PLATO system online:

Acquiring a sign-on is free. One does have to install the PTerm terminal emulator to access the system, and get used to the keyboard mapping. Some of the keys PLATO directs one to use don't exist on a PC keyboard.

The 0beglat0 Latin lessons appear to be Wheelock based. I'm sure they're based on a much earlier Wheelock version than we're using. They include vocabulary drills, form tests, sentence translation tests, and self tests.

The name of the Wheelock lesson is 0beglat0 - that's a zero, not an alphabetic O, at the beginning and end. Once you've signed on, just enter that name at the "Choose a lesson:" prompt and hit the DATA(F9) key. From there just follow the onscreen prompts to get started.

There are other lessons as well:

Kevin Monceaux - email: Kevin at <- includes a few worksheets and vocabulary lists
Bruceville, TX

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