Latin Readings with Fr. Foster

Experience 1, Readings 6

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ALBIUS TIBULLUS makes us see the connections between words...

Time 4a: aurea tum pressos pedibus dedit uua liquores
the golden grape has given liquids having been squeezed/pressed with feet

Time 5: dux pecoris curas auxerat hircus opes
the goat - the leader of cattle had increased/augmented the short resources

Time 1: a miseri, quos hic grauiter deus ureget!
Ah! miserable men, who God [of love] presses heavily!
at ille felix, cui placidus leniter adflat amor
but that man is happy, who the peaceful Love [God] inspires softly

IOHANNES AMOS COMENIVS [1592-1671 post Chr.], "Artes arte tractandi Humanam Naturam" - The arts of treating the Human Nature with art.

Time 1: Negotia illa Vitae sunt qvaecunque Valetudinis et rerum necessariarum cura requirit
Those businesses of life are whatever the care of health and necessary things requires

Infinitive/Gerund Verbs in the dictionary: Ut post matutinam surrectionem pectere Caput, induere Vestes, lavare manus et faciem, deambulare, disponere actiones diei - prandere, cenare, etc.
After mornning rising, to comb hair, put on clothes, wash hands and face, walk-aroung, organize the actions of the day - lunch, supper, and so forth

OCTAVIVS CAGNACCI [1873-1903 post Chr.], "Sacrae Missiones in Illyrico et in Dalmatia" - Holy Missions in Slovania and Croatia [Jesuits]

Non praeteribo [Time 3] resonsum, quod Municipii princeps, vir ceteroqui pientissimus, militium centurioni reddidit [Time 4b].
I will not pass-over/leave-out the response that otherwise most-pious man - the leader of the city - did render to the captain/centurion of the soldiers.

First Experience Latin - Fr. Reginald Foster

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