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Experience 1, Readings 3

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ALBIVS TIBVLLVS [60-19 ante Chr.]
Of course poetry is always free, so Tibullus can put his subjects after the verbs. He also splits apart tuos pedes, but you should see that they go together.

Haec veniat avis prolemque ministret,
ludat et ante tuos turba novella pedes.

[May] this bird come and provide offspring, and a new crowd play before your feet.

In the line of this prayer from the Sacramentary, the object comes first and the verb last! (ignore the part in brackerts)

Quia filios, [quos longe peccati crimen abstulerat], per sanguinem Filii tui Spiritusque virtute, in unum ad te denuo congregare voluisti:

You wanted to gather to yourself together in one the children through the blood of your Son and the power of the Spirit.

TITVS MACCVS PLAVTVS [254-184 ante Chr.]
Plautus splits words apart, but from the endings you will see go together: noster magister, nostrae curiae.

Nam noster nostrae qui est magister curiae
dividere argenti dixit nummos in viros;

He who is our leader of our senate decided to divide the coins of silver among the men.

First Experience Latin - Fr. Reginald Foster

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