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Experience 1, Reading 2

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Biblia VULGATA LATINA [150-1998 post Chr.]
Leave out the parts in brackets in this verse of St. Peter (Acts 2:32-33), and there are two simple phrases. Note the order of the first 4 words!

Hunc Iesum resuscitavit Deus, [cuius omnes nos testes sumus.] Dextera igitur Dei exaltatus, [et promissione Spiritus Sancti accepta a Patre,] effudit hunc, [quem vos videtis et auditis.]

God raised up this Jesus, [and of that we all are witnesses.] Therefore having been exalted at the right hand of God, [and having received from the Father the promise of the Holy Spirit,] he has poured out this [which you see and hear.]

Looking at just the main words, note how the verbs can be at the beginning of one sentence, but then at the end of the next.

Accersivit etiam de alienis partibus diversis plures in sacra theologia magistros, in iure canonico doctores, et in singuis artibus expertes et eruditos, qui ecclesiam Dei et proximos in scienciis et moribus edificarent...

For he summoned many teachers, doctors, experts and learned-men, who might build up the Church of God and neighbors.

The subjects come after the verbs in this quote from St. Ambrose

Non mundavit Damasus, non mundavit Petrus, non mundavit Ambrosius, non mundavit Gregorius; nostra enim servitia, sed tua sunt sacramenta. Neque enim humanae opis est divina conferre, sed tuum, Domine, munus et Patris est.

Damasus did not cleanse [i.e. baptize], Peter did not cleanse, Ambrose did not cleanse, Gregory did not cleanse; indeed ours are the services, but yours are the sacraments. It is not only of human power conferring the divine, but yours is also, O Lord, the gift of the Father.

OCTAVIVS CAGNACCI [1837-1903 post Chr.] Sacrae Missiones in Illyrico et in Dalmatia
On the Jesuit mission in Slovania and Croata in 1868.

Porro cum rhedam conscendissent laeti...

Further on, when the happy-men had mounted the cart-wagon...

IOANNES AMOS COMENIVS [1592-1671 post Chr.] Artes arte tractandi Humanam Naturam... Diaetetca
Some dietary guidelines put the verb last in each phrase.

Ludovicus Cornarus Cibum et Potum certo pondere et mensura capiebat: alij semel de die, et parce quidem Cibum sumebant.

L. C. used to take food and drink with a certain weight and measure: others once a day, and even sparingly, used to take food.

MAXIMUS TAVRINENSIS [380-470 post Chr.] De Natale Sanctorum Petri et Pauli
The Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul is celebrated June 29, when Bishop Maximus of Turin gave this sermon.

...quorum corda Paulus patefecerit doctrina verborum, eorum animabus Petrus aperiat regna caelorum.

whose hearts Paul opened-up with teaching of the word, to their souls Peter opens the kingdoms of the heavens.

The Council of Constance doesn't mince words about bad clerics. Note how objects come before the verbs

Per censuras ecclesiasticas excommunicationis, suspensionis et interdicti [ad sui exaltationem] clerus populum laicalem sibi suppeditat, avaritiam multiplicat, malitiam protegit, et viam praeparat antichristo.

By ecclesiastical-church censures of excommunication, suspension and interdict for their own exultation the clergy supply lay people for themselves, multiply avarice, protect wickedness, and prepare the way for the antichrist.

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