Lesson 8: Irregular Block 1 Nouns and Adjectives

Three Exceptions to Note

  1. Some block 1 nouns look feminine, act like feminine, change with feminine endings, but their gender is masculine, so must be modified with the masculine form of the adjective.
    "agricola -ae, m" = farmer, so "bonus agricola" is "a good farmer" and "boni agricolae" are "good farmers"
  2. Some masculine nouns do not have the same subject form, but are still Block 1 and change and act like block 1 nouns.
    "magister -tri, m" = teacher, so "boni magistri" are "good teachers"; "puer -i, m" = boy, so "bonus puer" = "a good boy"
  3. Some adjectives (like the nouns above), have a different masculine singular form, but still functioning like block 1 adjectives.
    "noster -tra -trum" = ours, so "noster digitus" is "our finger", while "nostri digiti" is "our fingers"

Latin Readings for Lessons 5-8
Now do Homework 4.

Look at the bottom of the list of Block 1 Nouns you will see some of the irregulars you will be learning (look at bottom).

Also at the bottom of the list of Block 1 Adjectives some of the irregulars.

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