Lesson 30: Deponent Verbs

Looking up a few verbs (actually almost 1/3 of Latin verbs) in your dictionary you notice they do not look like our regular verbs:
hortor, hortarito exhortGroup 1
fateor, faterito confessGroup 2
loquor, loquito speakGroup 3
largior, largirito give (generously)Group 4

These are Verbum Deponens, meaning:

  1. the verb does not have an active form - it always looks and acts passive in its form
  2. the verb does not have passive meanings - it's always active in its meaning
* Thus these verbs are used by making the passive form (for all six verb times), but they will have active meanings: Now go on to do Homework 34-35


First Experience Latin - Fr. Reginald Foster

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