Lesson 29: Ablative Pronouns & Prepositions

Recall the natural meaning of Ablative is by, with, from, in, or as the object of 50% Prepositions.

Ablative Pronouns

de meabout me
de nobisabout us
de teabout you
de vobisabout ye
de eoabout him
de eaabout her
de eoabout it
de eisabout them

Relative Pronouns

de quoabout whom (masculine singular)
de quaabout whom (feminine singular)
de quoabout whom (neuter singular)
de quibusabout whom (plural)

Prepositions which take the Ablative

a, ab, (abs)from (seperation), by (personal agent)
coramin front of, around, in the presence of
cumwith (accompaniment, not instrument)
defrom; about, of, concerning
e, exout of, from (the center)
praein front of
probefore, in front of; for; according to; as, like

Now go on to do Homework 32-33

N.B. The ablative naturally means by, with, or from; so when/why do you have to add the preposition "ab" or "cum"?

First Experience Latin - Fr. Reginald Foster

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