Lesson 26: Possesive Pronouns

Learning the "of" form (possesive) for pronouns

Relative Pronouns

The english translation of the possesive relative pronoun is "of whom", "of which" or "whose".

Singular antecedent - Masculine, Feminine or Neuter

Plural antecedent
quorum - Masculine and Neuter
quarum - Feminine


Personal Pronouns

Third Person Prounouns: He, She, It, They

Recall that there are two forms: of and possesive - the english translation of the genitive pronoun is thus either: "of him" or "his", "of her" or "hers", etc

Singular - Masculine, Feminine or Neuter

eorum - Masculine and Neuter
earum - Feminine


First & Second Person Pronouns

of meof usof youof ye / all of you
of formmeinostrituivestri
possesive form*meus,a,umnoster,tra,trumtuus,a,umvester,tra,trum

* These possessive forms have no pronouns, just adjectives. As adjectives, they must thereform agree in function, gender and number with the noun they modify, unlike the pronouns.

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