Lesson 25: Passive Verbs: Times 1-3

Learning to form Verb Times 1, 2, and 3 for the passive voice

One must know how to form the first 3 times for the 4 verb groups, presented in Lesson 18
One simply needs to think of the active form, and then 'flip' it to be passive.
Instructions: instead of trying to memorize 24 different endings for each time, just make sure you know how to form the active, then spend no more than 2-3 minutes memorizing how to form the different passive verbs from the active form.

1st person singular (I)-o,-m-or,-r
2nd person singular (you)-s-ris
3rd person singular (he,she,it)-t-tur
1st person plural (we)-mus-mur
2nd person plural (ye)-tis-mini
3rd person plural (they)-nt-ntur


Don't touch / change the vowels, expect for two exceptions (for reasons of pronunciation).
Both exceptions occur in the 'you' form (2nd person singular):
* In Time 3, Groups 1 and 2: the i becomes e
Gp 1, T.3 - active: cantabis -> passive: cantáberis
Gp 2, T.3 - active: movebis -> passive: movéberis
* In Time 1, Group 3, the same: i becomes e
Gp 3, T.1 - active: scribis -> passive: scríberis
or another example: expellis -> passive: expélleris
N.B. this makes it the same as the passive of Time 3, except for the accent!
Gp 3, T.3 - active: scribes -> passive: scribéris
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"I think its a sin against humanity to have students memorizing conjugations." - Fr. Foster

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