Lesson 22: Block 2 Adjectives

Learning how to use Block 2 adjectives

Recall from Lesson 7 how Block I adjectives are always listed in the Dictionary with 3 endings: -us, -a, -um; which correspond to the maculine, feminine, and signular subject form.

Block 2 nouns, when listed in the dictionary will have one of 3 possible forms (look these up to see how they are listed in your Dictionary:

  1. 3 endings:
    celer, celeris, celere - swift, fast
    pedester, pedestris, pedestre - on foot
    These are the maculine, feminine, and signular subject form, respectively.
  2. 2 endings:
    dulcis, dulce - sweet
    grandis, grande - large, great
    The first is both maculine and feminine, the second is the neuter subject form.
  3. 1 ending:
    audax (audacis) - bold, courageous
    potens (potentis) - powerful, strong
    The subject form is the same for masculine, feminine, and neuter (the second part just indicates that it is a Block II adjective).
Go here to see a list of Block II adjectives you will be learning.

Masculine and feminine adjectives of Block 2 (that is, those modifying masculine and femimine nouns) will follow the same endings as Block 2 nouns learned in Lesson 20:

Masculine and Feminine
Subject:[Subject Form]-es
Object:-em-es [-is]

Neuter adjectives reverse the plural endings that were used for the nouns:

Subject:[Subject Form]-ia
[-a 20% of time]
Object:[Subject Form]-ia
[-a 20% of time]

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