Lesson 21: The Imperative

Learning how to form the Imperative Latin verb

The verb form of Direct Command, often called the Imperative Mood has two differnt kinds: Instructions: spend no more than 2-3 minutes memorizing the forms listed, especially for type A.
Look for patterns and recall the 4 Verb Groups learned in Lesson 17.

Grp I Verbs (Are)
A)tu cantavos cantateyou sing, ye sing
B)tu cantatovos cantatoteyou, ye shalt/must sing
is-ea-id cantatoei-eae-ea cantantohe, they shall/must sing
Grp II Verbs (Ere)
A)tu movevos moveteyou move, ye move
B)tu movetovos movetoteyou, ye shalt/must move
is-ea-id movetoei-eae-ea moventohe, they shall/must move
Grp III Verbs (êre)
A)tu scribevos scríbiteyou write, ye write
B)tu scríbitovos scribitoteyou, ye shalt/must write
is-ea-id scríbitoei-eae-ea scribúntohe, they shall/must write
Grp IV Verbs (Ire)
A)tu sentivos sentíteyou fell, ye feel
B)tu sentitovos sentitoteyou, ye shalt/must feel
is-ea-id sentitoei-eae-ea sentiuntohe, they shall/must feel
The Verb Esse "to be"
A)tu esvos esteyou be, ye be
B)tu estovos estoteyou, ye shalt/must be
is-ea-id estoei-eae-ea suntohe, they shall/must be

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N.B. There are some consistent patterns.

"Every Latin sentence has a trap." - Fr. Foster

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