Lesson 2: Verb Endings

Endings of verbs designate the subject

The ending of the Latin verb tells the reader what is the person and number of the subject. The actual subject will be either expressed in the phrase, or else known from the context of the story.

Instructions: spend no more than 2-3 minutes memorizing the endings listed for Latin verbs. Then do Homework 1.



**EndingExample**ExampleTechnical Gibberish:
Subject and Number
I-o, -m, -i valeoveni1st person singular
you-s** -stivales**venisti2nd person singular
(or equivalent)
-t valetvenit3rd person singular
we-mus valemusvenimus1st person plural
ye-tis** -stisvaletis**venistis2nd person plural
(or equivalent)
-nt valent3rd person plural

N.B. = "nota bene" = note well

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