Lesson 13: Verb in the Dictionary

Learning the 4 Principal parts of Verbs

In your dictionary, most verbs list 4 principal parts. All 4 are needed to construct the whole verb (all 6 times).

Instructions: spend no more than 2-3 minutes memorizing what each part of the verb means. Don't worry about any of the technical grammar stuff. Then do Homework 8.

4 Principal Parts - Technical Grammar
T.1 (present)Infinitive
T.4 (past)Participle

Real Examples
I see, I am seeing, I do seeto see
I have seen, I have been seeing
I did see, I saw
having been seen

tangotangeretetigitactus, a, um
I touch, I do touch, I am touchingto touch
I have touched, I have been touching
I did touch, I touched
having been touched

canocanerececinicantus,a, um
I sing, I am singing, I do singto sing
I have sung, I have been singing
I did sing, I sang
having been sung


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