Lesson 12: Verb Times

Learning the Meaning of Tenses (Times) of Verbs

In Latin, there are 6 verb times (in the Indicative). Note: indicative is a grammatical term just meaning that the verb indicates a fact.

Instructions: spend no more than 2-3 minutes memorizing all the meanings which can be used to translate each verb time. Don't worry about any of the technical grammar stuff. Then do Homework 7.

TimeExampleMeaningTechnical Grammar categories
T.1fugithe flees, he does flee, he is fleeingPresent
T.2cantabamuswe were singing, we used to sing
we would sing, we were trying to sing
Imperfect or Progressive Pass
- describing a continuing past action
T.3venientthey will come, they will be comingFuture
T.4adediI have given, I have been givingPresent Perfect
T.4bdediI did give, I gaveHistorical Past
T.5dixerasyou had said, you had been sayingPluperfect
T.6videritisye will have seen, ye will have been seeingFuture Perfect


First Experience Latin - Fr. Reginald Foster

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