The Nativity Story

A page of resources, critiques and reviews about this new movie from New Line Cinema.

P.S. There is a second religious movie out Dec. 2006: Guadalupe!

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Premieres in Cinemas December 1, 2006

Vatican officials give thumbs up for 'The Nativity Story'

'The Nativity Story' Named Best Jesus Movie Since 1890s:"The Nativity Story is biblically accurate, historically authentic, and visually stunning.
Written with heart... it's destined to become a beloved Christmas classic."

"The Nativity Story is the first explicitly Biblical film released by a major Hollywood studio in fifty years - the last two being Ben-Hur and The Ten Commandments. Yes, there have been many faith-related films lately: for example, The Passion of the Christ, One Night with the King, the Narnia tales, and Facing the Giants. But most of those films did not come from major mainstream studios. This one does."

- Chuck Colson - Breakpoint (include numerous other articles)

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A Nativity Movie Blog for updates and comments.

A nice review from the U.S. Bishop's Movie Reviews

After the Vatican premiere, an early Review by Fr. Z

Steven Greydanus, writing for the National Catholic Register, gives us a Review: At Last, a 'Shepherds and Wise Men' Feature and an Article: St. Joseph Gets His Due; plus this longer article based on inteviews with the director and writer at

'The Nativity Story' Stands Out by Brent Bozell at the Media Research Center

How The Nativity Story Breathes Life into the Petrified Dime-Store Crèche by Dr. Marc Newman of

Christianity Today provides a whole page of Reviews and Articles including:
A behind-the-scenes look at the set and production: O Little Town and
An interview with the writer: A Rich Retelling

The Making of the Movie by Rose Pacatte F.S.P. from St. Anthony Messenger

A similar behind-the-scenes article from Catholic Digest

Media in a Stink over 'The Nativity Story' by Bill Donahue at the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

"The Nativity Story" to Open at Vatican (

"The Nativity Story" presents the year in Mary's life that culminates with the birth of Jesus, the visit of the shepherds and Wise Men to the stable, Herod's brutal response with the massacre of the Innocents, and the flight of the Holy Family to Egypt.
According to Peter Malone, film critic at Signis, the World Catholic Association for Communication, the movie is interesting both for Christians as well as non-Christians.
"The screenplay is well grounded in the biblical texts, both the heritage of the Old Testament as well as the text and spirit of the Gospel infancy narratives," Malone stated. "This gives the film an advantage over narratives which limit the perspective to a literal reading of texts and rely on piety traditions for visual presentation.
"It has also been noted that the screenplay offers substantial historical background to understand Palestine in these times and how the characters were influenced by their environment as well as by the harshness of authorities."

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