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December 2017

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In this Issue:
The Season of Advent and Holy Days
Dec. 1-3 Catechists Retreat with Bishop Finn
Regnum Christi Men's Spiritual Exercises
Dec. 15-17 Advent Retreat with Bishop Conley
R.I.P. Fr. Robert Young, O.F.M.
Blessed Christmas and New Year
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For over 50 years Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House has provided a peaceful atmosphere of prayer and recollection, situated on a spacious acreage near Waverly, Nebraska. The facility includes fifty single rooms, each with a private bath. Each retreat includes meditations by the retreat master, and opportunities for silence, prayer, adoration and the Sacraments. Retreats typically begin with a Rosary and Mass at 8:00 PM on Friday evening, and end with Mass and lunch on Sunday.

All retreatants are considered part of the Good Counsel Retreat House "family". Each month, a Mass is offered for all current and past retreatants, and for the success of our retreats. To become a member of our family, you simply need to come on retreat. We also ask your prayers and support so that we can continue our mission to enrich people's spiritual lives through meaningful retreat experiences. We hope you can join our spiritual family: decide to make a retreat with us this year and share in the many benefits. Please be sure to promote the Retreat House to others, and bring a friend.

Submit your Prayer Requests online at www.goodcounselretreat.com

Advent Wreath

December: a month for Advent and Holy Days

December begins the liturgical season of Advent, a time focused on remembering Christ's first coming at Bethlehem, which also directs our mind to His second coming at the end of time. Preparation is the key word as everyone is getting ready for Christmas. However, in the busyness we must not lose sight of the real reason for our activity. Lighting the Advent Wreath and preparing the Nativity Scene can help us remember that Christmas is a Christian feast.

The month of December also has two Holy Days of Obligation Immaculate Conception on December 8, and Christmas on December 25. We should keep Advent as a season of waiting and longing, of conversion and hope, and keep our thoughts on the incredible love and humility of our God in taking on flesh in the Virgin Mary.

Let us not forget to prepare a peaceful place in our hearts wherein our Savior may come to dwell. A retreat would be a great way to achieve our Advent goal of preparing ourselves for the arrival of the Christ child, or get a jump start preparing in new spiritual goals for the coming year!

Bishop Finn Dec. 1-3
Men & Women
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"Baptize, Teach, and Know I Am With You" Weekend Retreat for Catechists with Bishop Robert Finn, Dec. 1-3

In Jesus' last instructions in St Matthew's Gospel (Mt 28:19-20), He gave the apostolic charge to His disciples: "Baptize, Teach, and Know that I Am With You." Bishop Robert Finn will reflect on this great commission with a retreat for Catechists and Teachers, December 1-3 at Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House, Waverly, helping all catechists to carry out this mandate of Christ.

Bishop Finn says, "As teachers, we bring, not just information, but the personal experience of Christ to others. More and more we must come to know Him: through our study and in our prayer. Jesus first called the disciples to Himself; and then He sent them out."

Emeritus of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Most Reverend Robert Finn was bishop in the Diocese of Kansas City-St Joseph from 2004-2015, and is now chaplain to the School Sisters of Christ the King in Lincoln. Ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of St. Louis in 1979, he served for many years as a high school teacher and administrator, receiving a Master's in Education Administration in 1989.

While the retreat is targeted for teachers in our Catholic Schools and CCD programs, men and women of all ages are invited to join the retreat, especially parents who are the first teachers of their children. Bishop Finn says, "A retreat is a privileged time to be away with the Lord Jesus Christ. By our Baptism, and especially because of our Confirmation, all Catholics share in the apostolic work of Catechesis and Evangelization. While catechists are entrusted with handing on the truths of the Faith to their students, all believers are asked to share their own faith in God."

On the retreat Bishop Finn will offer a framework for making a "Plan of Life" and will give the Retreatants a suggested list of books which could be used for Spiritual Reading.

Regnum Christi shield Dec. 7-10, Men Register Now

Men's Retreat with Regnum Christi, The Kingdom of Christ Dec. 7-10

Regnum Christi, the Kingdom of Christ, is an apostolic movement of men and women who love Jesus Christ, His Church and souls. Members commit to live out their baptismal call to holiness and to engage in apostolic action, to establish the Kingdom of Christ in every person and in society.

The goal of the Regnum Christi retreat is to bring God's love to the retreatants, inspiring them to fall in love with Jesus Christ especially through prayer and the sacramental life, helping them come to know better the truths of the Catholic Faith and inviting them to participate actively in the evangelization of culture and society. Be awakened to discover your mission in life and in the Church.

The retreat is based on the classic Spiritual Exercises developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola. Retreatants meditate on the principal truths of the Christian faith with a special emphasis on following and imitating Christ. Each person is invited to have a personal encounter with Christ as they discover him in the Gospels. The retreats will be presented by priests from the Legionaries of Christ.

Please note that the Men's retreat starts with a dinner-social on Thursday evening and a Friday day-conference to learn more about Regnum Christi, the Spiritual Exercises begin at 7 pm on Friday. The retreats is open to men of all ages, including those who are not familiar with the Regnum Christi movement.

Bishop Conley Dec. 15-17
Men & Women
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Advent Weekend Retreat with Bishop James Conley and Fr. Gary Coulter, Dec. 15-17

Join Bishop James Conley, Bishop of the Diocese of Lincoln, and Fr. Gary Coulter, Director of Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House, for an Advent Retreat open to men and women of all ages Dec. 15-17.

Fr. Coulter notes how last year many missed this retreat due to an ice storm, therefore Bishop Conley generously agreed to repeat the topic again this year. The point of the Advent Retreat can be found in 2 Peter 1:19, "you will do well to pay attention to the prophetic message, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts."

Fr. Coulter points out, "Advent is a time to prepare, the season of longing and waiting heightens our expectation, and the retreat will be a time to focus on the Christmas message. We have heard the stories many times, but do we recognize them as a chance to encounter Jesus face-to-face?"

Bishop Conley agrees, "Every time we go on a retreat, it is always a wonderful grace, an opportunity to reconnect with the Lord and meditate on the central mysteries of our faith. It is a gift of taking time out of our busy schedules and to unplug. The Advent Retreat will be a great topic to prepare for Christmas and reflect on the beautiful mystery of the coming of Jesus."

As two great books for Advent reading, and as a source for the retreat, Bishop Conley recommends Jesus of Nazareth: the Infancy Narratives by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Fr. Coulter recommends Joy to the World: How Christ's Coming Changed Everything (and Still Does) by Dr. Scott Hahn.

Retreatants will be invited to read and meditate on the Gospel narratives of Jesus' birth from Matthew and Luke, as well as the characters in the story, such as John the Baptist, Joseph, Mary, the shepherds and wise men.

Fr Young TBD Mar. 23-25
Men & Women
Retreat Schedule

R.I.P. Fr. Robert Young, O.F.M.

Fr. Robert Young, O.F.M., who was scheduled to give the retreat Mar. 23-25, 2018, unexpectedly passed away on Sunday November 5, his funeral was held at his home parish St. Mary's Catholic Church in Orange, Texas.

Fr. Young was a nationally known speaker for his expertise on the Divine Will devotion as found in the life and writings of Luisa Piccarreta. His recordings can be found at divinewilllife.org.

Please note that there will still be a Palm Sunday Lenten retreat that weekend, but the topic may slightly change depending on the retreat master. We will, however, try to find another retreat master familiar with the Divine Will devotion.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord. And let the perpetual light shine upon him. Rest in peace, Father Young, and may our Lord keep you now in His Kingdom. FIAT

Have a Blessed Christmas and New Year: Year End Giving and Schedule

Our director, Fr. Gary Coulter, and all the staff at Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House pray that you have a grace filled Christmas and New Year.

Still need a gift for the person who has everything? Consider giving the gift of a retreat! Gift Certificates available online or call 402-786-2705.

Please consider remembering Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House in your year-end giving. Tax deductible donations must be received by Dec. 31: 7303 N 112th St; Waverly NE 68462 or Donate Online conveniently and securely.

Audio recordings of our retreats are Free! However if you want to give one or more copies as a gift, please contact us at 402-786-2705 or goodcounsel@cdolinc.net and we can burn copies onto CDs and mail them to you or the address of your choice.

Please note that while the Retreat House is closed between Christmas and New Year, you can always visit our website www.goodcounselretreat.com to register, donate, or submit a prayer request.

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