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April 2017
Retreat House Interior In this Issue:
Passiontide: Entering into Holy Week
Apr. 13-15, Young Women's Holy Week Retreat
Apr. 21-23, Divine Mercy Retreat with Fr. Kubat
May 5-6, Sharon Doran "Women in Scripture"
Announcing: June 8-11 Eucharistic Retreat
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For over 50 years Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House has provided a peaceful atmosphere of prayer and recollection, situated on a spacious acreage near Waverly, Nebraska. The facility includes fifty single rooms, each with a private bath. Each retreat includes meditations by the retreat master, and opportunities for silence, prayer, adoration and the Sacraments. Retreats typically begin with a Rosary and Mass at 8:00 PM on Friday evening, and end with Mass and lunch on Sunday.

All retreatants are considered part of the Good Counsel Retreat House "family". Each month, a Mass is offered for all current and past retreatants, and for the fruitfulness of our retreats. To become a member of our family, you simply need to come on retreat. We also ask your prayers and support so that we can continue our mission to enrich people's spiritual lives through meaningful retreat experiences. We hope you can join our spiritual family: decide to make a retreat with us this year and share in the many benefits. Please be sure to promote the Retreat House to others, and bring a friend.

Good Friday

Passiontide: Entering into Holy Week

The last two weeks of Lent focus on the sufferings of Our Lord, recalling the events surrounding the crucifixion and death of Jesus, and calling us to accompany him on his way to Calvary. Of course on Palm Sunday we will participate in reading the Lord's Passion during the Gospel, and throughout Holy Week follows Jesus during his final days in Jerusalem. Please make every effort to attend the Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil ceremonies in your parishes (unless you're attending the Holy Week Triduum Retreat for Young Women!)

The Friday before Palm Sunday also recalls the Sorrows of Mary, remembering Our Lady's own bitter passion, as the prayer in the Roman Missal says,

O God, who in this season give your Church the grace to imitate devoutly the Blessed Virgin Mary in contemplating the Passion of Christ, grant, we pray, through her intercession, that we may cling more firmly each day to your Only Begotten Son and come at last to the fullness of his grace.
Read more about Our Sorrowful Mother in Bishop's Conley's column in the Southern Nebraska Register.

Marians Apr. 13-15
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Holy Week Triduum Retreat with the Marian Sisters for Young Women, Apr. 13-15

The sacred Triduum (Latin for "Three Days") from Holy Thursday to Holy Saturday, Apr. 13-15, provides a wonderful opportunity for single young women, aged 17-35, to experience Christ's deep love through his passion, death and resurrection. This silent Holy Week Retreat at Good Counsel Retreat House is sponsored by the Marian Sisters of the Diocese of Lincoln and begins Thursday at 6 PM.

Founded in 1954, the Marian Sisters follow a Franciscan Rule, and their charism is to "Do God's Will joyfully in imitation of Mary and Saint Francis." The Marian Sisters teach in Catholic schools in Lincoln, David City, and Wahoo. Sisters also serve at St. Gianna Women's Homes, Villa Marie, and the Diocesan Chancery.

FOCUS chaplain Fr. Jay Buhman will be leading the retreat. For questions, information or registration, contact marian-vocations@cdolinc.net or 402-786-2750. RSVP by Mon. Apr. 10 is appreciated - $30/students, $40/adults - www.mariansisters.org.

Kubat Apr. 21-23
Men & Women
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Divine Mercy Weekend retreat with Fr. Christopher Kubat, Apr. 21-23

During the course of Jesus' revelations to Saint Faustina, He asked that a feast day dedicated to the Divine Mercy be celebrated on the Sunday after Easter. All men and women are invited to celebrate this "Mercy Sunday" weekend in a special way with a retreat by Fr. Christopher Kubat that "will help you to be immersed in the bountiful ocean of God's mercy."

Fr. Kubat entitles his retreat, "Living Water" based on John 4:14, "Whoever drinks the water I shall give will never thirst." Jesus' words to the Samaritan woman at the well are directed to all of us, an invitation to receive his mercy and life. Fr. Kubat says, "The retreat will focus on where one may access, obtain and cooperate with the gift of living water that only God can give."

Father Christopher Kubat has been a priest for 18 years, served at St. Cecilia parish in Hastings and St. Mary parish in Lincoln. As Director of Catholic Social Services in the Diocese of Lincoln, he is known for his Seedlings Column in the Southern Nebraska Register, and the many charitable works done through Catholic Social Services under his direction.

Fr. Kubat has given many retreats and is a strong advocate of the Retreat House. "For me, it is spending time with the one you love, namely God," Fr. Kubat says, "From that time in prayer flows acts of adoration, praise, worship, and acts of thanksgiving for the abundant graces and gifts in our lives."

Sharon Doran May 5-6
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2-Day Retreat for Women May 5-6 with Sharon Doran on Women in Scripture, May 5-6

All women are invited to discover the life-giving power of God's word in the Scriptures with a 24-hour retreat May 5-6 with Sharon Doran.

Sharon Doran serves as the teaching director of Seeking Truth Catholic Bible Study. Sharon has a passion for scripture that will motivate and challenge women on the retreat to immerse yourself in God's Word and apply His message to your every day life. "Seeking Truth" is an in depth Catholic Bible Study, commissioned by the Archdiocese of Omaha in response to John Paul II's call to the New Evangelization as well as Pope Benedict XVI's exhortation for all Catholics to study scripture.

Sharon says that "On this retreat we will open up the Old Testament Book of Ruth, the liturgical timing is fitting to prepare us for Pentecost. The Jewish faith had Pentecost long before Catholics did. They called it Shavuot and read the Book of Ruth in their Hebrew Lectionary. Come and see why."

Sharon continues, "We will discover fascinating relationships between women; mother-in-law, daughter-in-laws, romance, loss, loyalty and redemption. We will meet a deliverer in Boaz who points us to Jesus, our New Covenant bridegroom. Come beloved daughters of the New Jerusalem. Come and see His great love for YOU thru the eyes of this biblical heroine Ruth! She is a woman of noble character!"

This 2-Day retreat starts Friday May 5 with 7pm Mass and 8pm Talk, and concludes on Saturday with 6pm Supper. Women of all ages are invited.

Monstance June 8-11
Men & Women
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Announcing: Eucharistic Adoration Retreat with the Missionaries of the Most Holy Eucharist, June 8-11

Fr. Sean Davidson and Fr. Barry Braum from the "Missionaries of the Most Holy Eucharist" will be holding a Eucharistic Adoration Retreat with the Knights of the Holy Eucharist June 8-11. Fr. Davidson spent two years serving at the magnificent Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalene in Provence, France, where he received the inspiration for his recent book: Saint Mary Magdalene, Prophetess of Eucharistic Love. Mary Magdalene is known as the "Apostle to the Apostles."

The Missionaries of the Most Holy Eucharist has for its charism the promotion of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in parishes and dioceses. The Missionaries are a community working to increase the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus in ourselves and in the world. Its goal is the establishment of Eucharistic Shrines, perpetual adoration in parishes, and the formation of adorers so that they will be able to love Jesus and make Him loved.

"The retreat will be in the form of Eucharistic spiritual exercises, with Scriptural meditations in front of the Blessed Sacrament, daily Mass, as well as Confession and spiritual direction. The goal of the retreat is the renewal of our spiritual life through a profound experience of the healing love of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus."

While open to all men and women, the primary purpose of this retreat is to assist those who are working with the adoration program in parishes, or for those who are interested in getting more involved to establish Eucharistic Adoration in their parishes. Therefore this 4-day retreat is offered for the incredibly low suggested donation of $150.

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