Healing from abortion

Few people are aware that there is a well-researched and documented reality called post-abortion syndrome. In essence, a mother has to grieve the loss of her child, but most women who have abortions do not acknowledge that fact and are denied that grieving process.

Statistically, because of the number of abortions done since 1973, at least two women who you know have had an abortion, although they may not have told you. Such women can experience difficulties even decades later, with symptoms ranging from troubled relationships and difficulty bonding, to migraine headaches and nervous disorders, and even suicidal thoughts and other self-destructive behavior. But they will not connect these symptoms to their abortion or reach out to receive help. This syndrome affects not only the woman who's had an abortion, but literally everyone she knows.

This page provides a few resource to help begin the healing process, to allow women (and men!) to grieve for their lost child, to ask God's forgiveness, and heal that wound and emptiness they feel. Get a copy of Her Choice to Heal and just read the first page... you will be on the road to healing.



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