Creating and editing files

There are alot of editors out there to compose documents and programs with, and everyone has their own favorite, so here are the several common ones you can choose from. All of them are run by typing 'editor_name file_name' and if the file doesn't exist it will be created.

Recommended Editors

Listed from best to worst

IMPORTANT: For (almost) all terminal editors:
'^x ^s' to save
'^x ^c' to quit

For editing in X Windows, if it is available, this is a good editor with mouse control you will want to use.
A fairly friendly editor that I would recommend for the beginner who doesn't want to learn emacs. Has a small menu.
A popular and powerful editor, it is very good for programmers. Start it up and type '^h t' for a tutorial.
Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs, much the same as emacs, but fewer features to worry about.
stands for Visual Editor, and should be avoided unless you are a masochist.