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For several years the Knights of Columbus had a Catholic Book Club (not just for Knights and Men however) - A listing of some of the their selections.

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September 2011

The Mass: The Glory, The Mystery, The Tradition
Cardinal Donald Wuerl and Mike Aquilina present an authoritative explanation of all the elements of the Mass, and place them in historical and spiritual context, inviting the reader to a deeper appreciation of the most vital sacrament of the Church.

August 2011

The Human Person According to John Paul II
Father J. Brian Bransfield presents the theology of the body in a broad context of the wider teaching of Bl. John Paul II and the teaching of the Church.

July 2011

Virtuous Leadership: An Agenda for Personal Excellence
Alexandre Havard presents a guide for personal fulfillment through a commitment to moral principles in our personal and professional lives. Havard draws from the examples of modern political, intellectual, and religious leaders to demonstrate how virtue and effective leadership go hand in hand.

June 2011

The Commandments We Keep: A Catholic Guide to Living a Moral Life
Msgr. Peter Vaghi presents the Ten Commandments as guides to the Christian life and a closer relationship with Christ, tying the Commandments to their Old Testament origin, explaining their function through the example of Christís life, and applying them to practical experience.

May 2011

The Gift of Blessed John Paul II: A Celebration of His Enduring Legacy
Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington D.C., explores Blessed John Paul IIís teachings and life through an examination of his 14 encyclicals and his seven apostolic exhortations, illuminating the popeís teachings and applying them to everyday life.

April 2011

Jesus of Nazareth: From the Entrance Into Jerusalem to the Resurrection
The second of Pope Pope Benedict XVIís planned trilogy on the life of Christ focuses on Christís passion, death, and resurrection. The pope engages critical issues such as how Christ viewed his own death, who was responsible for his crucifixion, and the truth of the resurrection.

March 2011

Mysteries of the Virgin Mary: Living Our Ladyís Graces
Father Peter John Cameron shows the power and centrality of Mary in a series of insightful and reverent meditations on the Churchís Marian feasts. His thought-provoking discussion of the major Marian "mysteries" seeks to bring the reader into a closer spiritual relationship with the Mother of God.

February 2011

In The End and The Beginning: Pope John Paul II Ė The Victory of Freedom, the Last Years, the Legacy
George Weigel provides a sequel to his bestselling biography of Pope John Paul II, Witness to Hope. Weigel relies on declassified Cold-War era documents to reveal the popeís struggle against the evils of communism and offers an assessment of the pontificate that definitively shaped history and the Catholic Church.

January 2011

Light of the World: The Pope, the Church, and the Signs of the Times
Peter Seewald was granted an unprecedented book-length interview with Pope Benedict XVI, resulting in a uniquely candid and wide-ranging discussion on all issues related to the Church such as the danger of moral relativism, the role of the papacy, the effects of Vatican II, climate change and Islam.

December 2010

World of Faith and Freedom
Thomas Farr is a professor at Georgetown Universityís School of Foreign Service and previously served as the State Departmentís first Director of the Office of International Religious Freedom. He argues for a new diplomacy for the United States that respects the pivotal role religion plays in shaping geopolitics. Solving international conflicts and fostering democracy will require a new emphasis on protecting religious freedom around the globe.

November 2010

Beyond a House Divided
Supreme Knight Carl A. Andersonís new book, draws upon the latest polling data to challenge the conventional wisdom regarding the polarization of America. Looking beyond political divisions so often emphasized by the media and political pundits, he argues that America is a country largely united by religion and shared traditional moral values.

October 2010

God's Battalions: The Case For the Crusades
In a thought provoking new book, Rodney Stark turns the conventional wisdom regarding the Crusades on its head. Far from being a war based on greed, imperialism or religious conquest, argues Stark, the Crusades began as a just counterattack against an aggressive foe.

September 2010

The Sacraments We Celebrate: A Catholic Guide to the Seven Mysteries of Faith
The seven sacraments, instituted by Jesus Christ and entrusted to the Church, are the subject of Msgr. Peter J. Vaghi's most recent book.

August 2010

American Cicero: The Life of Charles Carroll
Historian Bradley Birzer, a professor at Hillsdale College, resurrects the accomplishments and legacy of Charles Carroll, a leading Founding Father who overcame intense religious prejudice to become the only Catholic to sign the Declaration of Independence and an intellectual force in the creation of the new American Republic.

July 2010

Quiet Hero: Secrets From My Father's Past
Veteran news correspondent and TV host for Fox News and MSNBC Rita Cosby uncovers the story of her father’s valiant service as a member of the Warsaw Uprising and Polish resistance movement during World War II. An emotional history of war and family, It is also the story of a daughter coming to understand the tragedy, pain and incredible heroism her father kept hidden from his family for so many years.

June 2010

Boys Should Be Boys: 7 Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons
In her most recent work, pediatrician and acclaimed author Dr. Meg Meeker discusses the active role parents must take in raising their sons to their full potential, as well as the challenges boys face in a culture that seeks to downplay masculinity and the virtues of traditional boyhood.

May 2010

The God That Did Not Fail
In his book subtitled How Religion Built and Sustains the West, Robert Royal examines the history of religion from the ancients to the present day, demonstrating that religion is a permanent and essential part of human society.

April 2010

Jesus: A Biography From a Believer
In his new book, (March 2010), Paul Johnson focuses on the central figure of Christianity and asks the question: "Is Jesus still relevant today?" The best-selling author of books such as A History of Christianity (1979), Johnson is known for his insightful and accessible historical analysis.

March 2010

Be a Man!
In this work, subtitled Becoming the Man God Created You to Be, Father Larry Richards examines his years as a priest and personal experiences to recount his struggle to learn true manhood and inspire other men to do the same while living their faith with courage.

February 2010

The Difference God Makes: A Catholic Vision of Faith, Communion, and Culture
The first book of Cardinal Francis George OMI, Archbishop of Chicago. The work explores our relationship with God, the responsibility of community and the transformation of culture.

January 2010

Marriage: The Mystery of Faithful Love
Dietrich von Hildebrand is considered one of the most influential Catholic intellectuals of the the 20th century, and Pope Benedict XVI, like Pope John Paul II before him, has expressed great esteem for his work.

November 2009

Signs of Life: 40 Catholic Customs and the Difference They Make
Scott Hahn's new book (November 2009) is both devotional and apologetic, explaining the practices that shape Catholic life and help us grow in grace. Dr. Hahn is a professor of theology and scripture at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

October 2009

Empires of the Sea: The Siege of Malta, the Battle of Lepanto, and the Contest for the Center of the World
Roger Crowley vividly follow sieges and battles in this historical narrative of 16th century Ottoman Empire and Hapsburg Spain's attempts to control the prized eastern rim of the Mediterranean — the center of the world.

September 2009

Diagnosis Critical: The Urgent Threats Confronting Catholic Healthcare
How might laws affect the conscience rights of health care workers and Catholic medical centers with regard to such things as contraception, abortion and controversial fertility procedures? A new book (June 2009) by Leonard J. Nelson III, attorney, law professor and a specialist in health care law.

August & December 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mother of the Civilization of Love
In a new book (August 2009), Supreme Knight Carl Anderson and Monsignor Eduardo Chávez trace the history of Our Lady of Guadalupe from the sixteenth century to the present to discuss how her message was and continues to be an important catalyst for religious and cultural transformation, speaking to contemporary issues confronting the American continents and people today.

July 2009

St. Thomas More
Subtitled a Model for Modern Catholics by John F. Fink. In addition to being the patron saint of statesmen and politicians, St. Thomas More (1478-1535) was a faithful husband, father and scholar who has rightfully been called "a man for all seasons."

June 2009

Priests for the Third Millennium
Kick off the Year of the Priest with Priests for the Third Millennium by Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York. The book was compiled from talks that then Msgr. Dolan presented to seminarians while serving as rector of the Pontifical North American College in Rome, yet its lessons are applicable to everyone.

May 2009

Called to Love: Approaching John Paul II's Theology of the Body
Supreme Knight Carl Anderson and Father José Granados discuss the philosophical and religious significance of "the theology of the body" in language at once poetic and profound. As they explain, the body speaks of God, it reveals His goodness, and it also speaks of man and women and their vocation to slove. Called to Love brings to life the tremendous gift John Paul II bestowed on humanity and gives readers a new understanding of the Christian way of love and how to embrace it fully in their lives.

April 2009

You Shall Be My Witnesses: Lessons Beyond Dachau
Kazimierz Majdansk, who later would become an Archbishop of Poland, gives a a witness to his prison experiences during the years of World War II. Most people know that the Polish Jews were quickly gathered for the purpose of extermination, but few are aware that a similar fate awaited the Polish clergy. But this book does more than detail Hitler's war against the faithful. It asks us to look forward to see where civilization is headed. Most important, it prompts us to choose not the civilization of death, but the blessing of the God of life.

March 2009

The Gift of Black Folk: The Negroes in the Making of America
Written by civil rights pioneer W.E.B. DuBois as part of the Knights of Columbus "Racial Contribution Series" originally published in 1924, this new commemorative edition has recently been re-published, and features an introduction by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson.
The Faith We Profess: A Catholic Guide to the Apostles' Creed
Msgr. Peter J. Vaghi gives insightful and understandable reflections about essential Catholic teachings. Foreward by Donald W. Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington.

February 2009

Introduction to the Devout Life
Since first published by St. Francis de Sales in 1609, it has never gone out of print, and has always occupied a privileged position in the Church: no guide ever written provides so complete, so balanced and so practical an approach to the spiritual life. Written for the layman surrounded by worldliness, this is a masterpiece of mystical and devotional literature, by a great and much loved Doctor of the Church, a master psychologist, with a special gift for teaching practical morality.

January 2009

Embryo: A Defense of Human Life
Written by George and Christopher Tollefsen, this book tackles the questions of when life begins and what rights embryonic human life deserves. Arguing from a scientific and philosophical perspective, they present a compelling case that embryos are human beings and have "the right not to be intentionally killed."

December 2008

What's So Great About Christianity
Bestselling author Dinesh D'Souza asks: has Christianity been disproven by science, debunked as a force for good, and discredited as a guide to morality? Approaching Christianity with a skeptical eye, but treating the skeptics with equal skepticism, the result will challenge the assumptions of both believers and doubters and affirm that there really is, indeed, something great about Christianity.

November 2008

Testimony of Hope
Vietnamese Archbishop Nguyen van Thuan preached the spiritual exercises for Pope John Paul II and the Roman Curia at the Vatican in the Jubilee Year 2000. This moving book, the complete text of those spiritual exercises, addresses our need for hope at the beginning of the Third Christian Millennium. Having been a prisoner in a communist concentration camp for 13 years, nine of them in solitary confinement, Archbishop Nguyen van Thuan faced what he described as the "agonizing pain of isolation and abandonment." Recounting the details of those long years, he reveals the secret which allowed him to cling to hope in the midst of despair.

September 2008

Render Unto Caesar: Serving the Nation by Living Our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life
Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver is an impassioned and forceful spokesman on many of today's most challenging issues from abortion to immigration. In Render Unto Caesar he offers compelling arguments for why Catholics should become more engaged in political life than they currently are.

August 2008

Crossing the Threshold of Hope
Pope John Paul II's papacy was marked by many firsts, and in 1994 he became the first pope to pen a bestselling book, an interview with the Italian journalist Vittorio Messori. Their conversation covers a variety of topics, including man's dignity; pain, suffering and evil; the meaning of salvation and Christian hope; the role of women and the laity in the Church, and more.

July 2008

Five Pillars of the Spiritual Life: A Practical Guide to Prayer for Active People
Jesuit Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J. asserts that when there are so many pressing issues of the day to contend with, everyone can and must make time to pray. This book outlines five essential ways for even the busiest person to have a better prayer life: the Eucharist, spontaneous prayer, the Beatitudes, partnership with the Holy Spirit and the contemplative life.

June 2008

Salt of the Earth: The Church at the End of the Millennium
On the eve of the Church's celebration of the Great Jubilee Year 2000, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) gave a full-length interview to journalist Peter Seewald. Their conversation was captured in this book. The future pope takes on tough questions about the Church's challenges and its future of hope.

May 2008

The Last Secret of Fatima
The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, definitively reveals and explains one of the most misunderstood events in the 20th century: the appearance of Our Lady to three Portuguese children and the "secret" kept quiet by Vatican officials for nearly 90 years. The book includes a Foreword by Pope Benedict XVI, who himself revealed the final secret in 2000 as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Read the Catholic Information Service booklet, The Message of Our Lady of Fatima (PDF)

April 2008

A Civilization of Love: What Every Catholic Can Do to Transform the World
Supreme Knight Carl Anderson's new book offers a bold blueprint for the Catholic Church in the 21st century. Anderson uses his experiences as a former White House official, lawyer, educator and leader of the world's largest Catholic fraternal service organization to show how Church teaching can inform and influence society for the better. Proceeds will go to Knights of Columbus Charities.

March 2008

God Is Love: Deus Caritas Est and Saved in Hope: Spe Salvi
Pope Benedict XVI's two encyclicals, Deus Caritas Est (God Is Love) and Spe Salvi (On Christian Hope). Learn how these two foundational documents of Benedict's papacy are shaping the Church.

February 2008

10 Things Pope Benedict Wants You to Know
Veteran Vatican observer John L. Allen Jr. draws from the writings and speeches of the pope to share with readers in a concise way what he believes are the touchstones of Pope Benedict's pontificate.

January 2008

Benedictus: Day by Day with Pope Benedict XVI
A compilation of writings by Pope Benedict XVI from throughout his career and the first year of his pontificate. Each day of the year has a short meditation penned by the Holy Father printed alongside images of sacred art. Edited by Dominican Father Peter John Cameron, compiling it from the pope's books, talks and homilies.

January 2007

Parish Priest: Father Michael McGivney and American Catholicism
Fenster and Brinkley have recreated the daily life of Father Michael J. McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus, in their moving biography. They have chronicled not only his life but daily life in 19th century America. Father McGivney's passion for his vocation, for the family and young people, and for the Knights of Columbus are captured in Parish Priest.
The Diary of a Country Priest
George Bernanos tells the story of a young priest ministering to his sometimes difficult parishioners. He gives us an insight into the priest's spiritual battles. Despite the many mundane obstacles in life, the country priest ultimately concludes that "grace is everywhere." Any parishioner or priest will recognize the sometimes powerful, sometimes subtle truths conveyed in this book, winner of the Grand Prix for Literature awarded by the Academie Francaise and the Prix Femina.

February 2007

The Right to be Wrong: Ending the Culture War Over Religion in America
Kevin Seamus Hasson is founder and chairman of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty in Washington, D.C. His book addresses the issue of church-state separation. He is a member of Potomac Council 433 in Washington. The Becket Fund is representing the Order in court in its defense of the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.
A Man for All Seasons
The classic story (play) about St. Thomas More by Robert Bolt

March 2007

The Way to Christ: Spiritual Exercises by Pope John Paul II
A collection of sermons Pope John Paul II preached to young people during spiritual retreats he led as archbishop of Krakow. The homilies were preached in 1962 and 1972, and cover topics that John Paul continued to expound upon during his papacy.
Mr. Blue
Myles Connolly's Mr. Blue was first published in 1928. In his introduction to the current edition of Mr. Blue, Jesuit Father John B. Breslin says the book "is about a young man...who decides to take Christianity seriously as a layman, not as a chore but as a challenge." Connolly was editor of Columbia magazine.

April 2007

Let God's Light Shine Forth: The Spiritual Vision of Pope Benedict XVI
by Robert Moynihan
Listen My Son: St. Benedict for Fathers
by Dwight Longnecker

May 2007

Joan: The Mysterious Life of the Heretic Who Became a Saint
This new biography of St. Joan of Arc by Donald Spoto is critically acclaimed.
Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters
Subtitled: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know. Meg Meeker's book is based, in part, on her experiences the past 20 years practicing pediatric and adolescent medicine and counseling teens and parents. Strong fathers with traditional values, Meeker shows, are the best protection against many of the challenges young women face in today's culture. She has also written Epidemic: How Teen Sex is Killing Our Kids

June 2007

Jesus of Nazareth - Pope Benedict XVI
Published May 15, Jesus of Nazareth is essential reading for anyone interested in the pope's pastoral vision and the direction of his papacy. The book has its roots in what Pope Benedict has noticed over his life as a "growing...distinction between the 'historical Jesus' and the 'Christ of faith,' a distinction that many Christians now accept as accurate."
Pope Benedict XVI challenges the reader to encounter Jesus face-to-face by discussing episodes from the Gospels to explain how God reveals himself through Jesus. In addition to the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus of Nazareth includes chapters on Jesus' baptism, the Lord's Prayer, the parables and more. The book is the first of a two-volume work exploring Jesus' public life. The second volume will reportedly cover Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.

July 2007

With Jesus Every Day: How Believing Transforms Living
How can Christians meet the challenge of living a faith-filled, joyful life in today's world? Must I do what is good, or am I allowed to look for happiness? Those are just two of the questions Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn answers in his book, a collection of popular homilies the archbishop of Vienna delivered at St. Stephen's Cathedral. Touching on topics ranging from the inner voice of the conscience to Christian freedom, and holiness to human dignity, Cardinal Schoenborn shows that only by walking with Jesus in our daily lives can we fulfill our call to holiness.

August 2007

By Their Works: Profiles of Men of Faith Who Made a Difference
Stephen Singular chronicles the impact that the Knights of Columbus have had on America through the stories and photographs of its members, with both famous and lesser known profiles.

September 2007

Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light
The depth and intensity of Mother Teresa of Calcutta's spirituality is revealed in this new book, which features previously unpublished writings from her journals. Father Brian Kolodiejchuk, a priest of the Missionaries of Charity, edited the book and also serves as postulator for the cause of canonization of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

October 2007

Five Loaves & Two Fish
In 1975, Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan was arrested by the Communist government of Vietnam and imprisoned for thirteen years, nine of them in solitary confinement, and then finally exiled from Vietnam in 1991.
Always reticent about speaking of himself, Cardinal Van Thuan slowly began to realize that his prison experience of suffering and hope could help others in their journey of faith. The reflections he prepared for the 1997 World Youth Day in Paris became the framework for this personal Magnificat for the wonders God had worked in and through the small offering of his life - like the fish and loaves in the Gospel, which fed thousands.

November 2007

My Life with the Saints
Father James Martin has received positive reviews and numerous awards for this inspirational bestseller, a personal memoir of how he has encountered and "lived with" Mary, Joseph, Francis of Assist and many other saints and Catholics.

December 2007

Our Lady of Guadalupe: History and Meaning of the Apparition
Italian-born author Manuela Testoni, a member of the Sisters of St. Marcellina, explores many aspects of the message of Guadalupe and the figure of St. Juan Diego.

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